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Frankfurt striptease and erotic clubs

The best thing about German countries is that sex business is so widespread that it has become a part of everyday life. You can go to a striptease club in Frankfurt or better said: Frankfurt am Main, as its official name is. But in all honesty: it’s not something I would recommend. Especially the strip bars in Bahnhofsviertel, the red-light district near the main railway station, I would avoid as the plague. To my opinion they are heavily overpriced and not the real deal. Frankfurt am Main requires a different mind-set. You and your friends go out and party in a striptease club, while guys in Frankfurt chill in sex clubs and brothels. You enjoy your free time relaxing in a sauna while guys in Frankfurt spend their free time in an FKK with a hot prostitute. It’s that cultural difference that takes sweet, sweet time to get used to. Most FKK clubs are outside Frankfurt’s city centre but they are definitely worth the travelling time. FKK Sauna Club Mainhattan ( at Schielestraße 45 is a true heaven on earth, imagine the best party you’ve ever been to and multiply it by 10. Picture stunning babes on killer heels in ultra small bikinis, dipping themselves into hot-tubs, dancing on the pole or chilling at a bar stool and giving you the look: all that jazz.

Girl in balck lingerie and stockings in Frankfurt striptease club

Most striptease clubs in the Bahnhofsviertel, Frankfurt's red light district, do not have a great reputation

While Mainhattan is just outside of town, the Palace ( is at Königsberger Str. 23, tucked in an industrial zone very close to the city centre and super easy to reach by tram. The Palace is an evergreen in Frankfurt’s erotic scene and remains unchanged. You pay a €75 entry fee and you go wild. You get some goodies like a free drink and access to the buffet, but the details for room session need to be discussed with individual girls. It will not come as a surprise that the share of Romanian and Bulgarian girls is pretty high but there is also a great selection of other European, Latin and even African ladies.

Group in Jacuzzi at Frankfurt FKK sauna club

Frankfurt is said to have the best FKK clubs of Germany

Some girls are pretty straightforward, if not even pushy and brutal. These types of girls have not the best reputation with the male club visitors and are often referred to as “sharks” in FKK jargon. But rest assured that most girls are easy-going and because of their impressive looks they do not need to hunt desperately for customers. They can afford just sitting at the bar, sipping a cocktail and let men approach them. You do not even have to invest a lot of time in talking prior to a room session. If you are lucky they will give you the eye if they fancy you. What I also love about the German FKK clubs is that they often advertise with the fact they show live football matches from Germany’s Premier League. So in case you would be in a desperate need of an alibi you can always say that you did not visit the club for the sexy babes but for watching a thrilling Bundesliga match with your mates.




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