Strippers erotic club girls & clubs from Denpasar

Denpasar striptease and erotic clubs

There are no striptease clubs in Denpasar: public nudity is illegal in Indonesia. Indonesia is another example of a country where (freelance) prostitution is widespread while strip clubs are taboo. And this isn’t any different for Bali despite nightlife is vibrant and people have a more liberal attitude than in the rest of Indonesia. You might stumble upon an occasional boobie in the bars and clubs around Kuta but don’t expect any steamy strip shows, pole or lap dancing. So you will need to stick with the regular nightclubs and discos in Kuta where you can find many freelance working girls.

Girl on ultra-high red heels, dancing on the stage in a night club on Bali

Conventional striptease clubs are taboo on Bali

The distinctly Asian karaoke bars are quite popular as well with foreigners and local girls. Though I wouldn’t call them an erotic club since they have no hidden features like in some other Asian countries. They’re more like a place where you take your potential Balinese girlfriend on a date.

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