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Lyon striptease and erotic night clubs

There is a good and varied offer of decent priced striptease clubs in Lyon. Bus Paradise (, located at the banks of Rhone, 18 Quai Général Sarrail is the most well-known striptease club in Lyon, most likely because t

French stripper on stage of Lyon striptease club

Lyon provides great opportunities when you are looking for stylish strip clubs with beautiful women

he girls look stunning and the show is mesmerizing while the entrance is only €18. Pent X Club ( is another cool spot: dimmed red lights, girls pole-dancing on top of the bar and lap-dances left and right. It’s located at 236 Rue Garibaldi if you feel like giving it a shot.

Lack of brothels and the risk of picking prostitutes up straight from the streets gave way to the rise of a different kind of adult fun: swinger clubs. For both couples and singles, clubs such as Le Mistik ( situated along the river at 45 Quai Clemenceau, is a huge indoor area where you can socialize with other sex addicts and potentially get laid.

Couple seducing each other in swinger club in Lyon

Lyon has some popular swinger clubs with luxurious facilities

Le Sun Libertin ( at 3 Rue Sainte-Marie-des-Terreaux has a unique, tantric style and comes also with saunas, hot tubs, Turkish baths and so on. These facilities will certainly relax you before you start screwing someone else’ wife.

Apart from all that, you could always try going old-school and picking some girls up at local bars and clubs. Only if your game is strong you will not return home alone: French girls are notorious for being super assertive and not that great with languages other than their own. But that might just be my bad experience. Try for sure the great nightlife spots around Vieux Lyon.

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