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Escorts in Burgas and nearby cities are a welcome change from the usual Eastern European theme. Bulgarian and Romanian prostitutes still bear the stigma of a horrible mongering experience. The stereotype holds; booking decent Burgas escorts takes time and effort. Selling sexual services is legal here, though it’s closely connected to local criminal circles. Brothels are illegal, dangerous, and not worth the risk. If you think about it: Eastern Europe is a major source of all that’s wrong with the European sex business. Is it maybe the proverbial “Heart of Darkness”? Seems so: many of the Romanian and Bulgarian girls working at the highways come from these regions. The difference nowadays is that Bulgaria is not only a source but also a destination of human traffic.

Burgas escort in seductive pose

Many escorts and other working girls in Burgas use fake pictures when advertising online, so a cautious approach is recommended

The elusive escorts in Burgas that aren’t tied up with the underground will usually advertise online. Check Adam and Eve ( for over a hundred ads in Burgas alone. Some girls (momicheta) come up more than once and many photos appear to be stolen or fake. Make sure you ask for a face pic or a video before you commit to a booking. Callgirls BG ( seems more trustworthy and reliable, even though they only have a handful of escorts available in Burgas. Venera Love ( is another Bulgarian site with profiles of erotic masseuses, escorts and other sex workers located in Burgas. Alo ( is a general classifieds site but has a large escorts section. The prices vary but should never exceed €100 for an hour.

Burgas street hooker being approached by client in car

There is a lot of street prostitution in Burgas but the quality is generally low and the scene is shady

There are no red-light districts in the area. That means: technically spoken. In reality streetwalkers always hang around the major streets or highways outside of the city. Freelancers can be found at the Maritime Park bars and clubs or the beach. Don’t expect anything mouth-watering; the top babes look for work in Sunny Beach. There are reports of shady practices: clients getting mugged by a pimp or by the girl herself. Looking for action on the actual beach is possible, albeit risky. The shtick is you talk to a girl; she takes you somewhere secluded while her accomplices steal all the stuff you left behind. The off-season is even worse. During winter Aleko Bogoridi boulevard is where you can find “freelancers”. Usually these will be gypsy women, rarely below 40 years young. But hey, at least it’s cheap. A quickie around the corner can cost €15. There are brothels in Burgas, but they are usually nothing better than the hookers on the boulevard.

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