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Sydney striptease and erotic clubs

Striptease clubs in Sydney basically fall into two categories: the ones with an alcohol-selling license and the ones with a sex-selling permit. It’s one or the other; they can’t do both, at least officially. The Velvet Underground ( at 136 Parramatta Rd is your classic strip club with tables and stripper poles, it’s a bit on the small side but the atmosphere is great.

Girl performing teasing pole dance in Sydney striptease club

Some strip clubs in Sydney have an alcohol license while others operate under a sex license

Sefton Playhouse ( at 54 Clapham Road is an American-style club with a big stage in the middle, private rooms and spicy shower shows, that will make you drool. They serve some amazing food, drinks and also the lockout law doesn’t apply in this area. Their stable of dancers is very impressive as well. Petersham Inn ( at 386 Parramatta Road is another striptease venue outside of the lockout zone. It’s a sports bar, so you can shoot some pool or watch a game if you can focus on anything else than the lovely naked bodies.

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