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St. Petersburg has a large and flourishing local escort scene. Many agencies and independent escorts in St. Petersburg cater for foreign customers. A fair portion of the girls and operators of escort bureaus speak English. At least on a basic level, which is quite something for Russia. No wonder in a city, which is visited yearly by millions of (foreign) tourists attracted by the rich history and culture of the former Russian capital. Providing sex services in Russia is not legal, but the punishment is laughable as the fines equal to €40 which is nothing. Many ladies, especially the VIP call girls, make more in 15 minutes so it will not really scare them off. Prostitution is widespread and quite popular. From escorts to streetwalkers and from secretive brothels to posh strip clubs: you don’t have to look all that hard to have some fun in St. Petersburg. As per usual escorts are one of the most popular ways to get it on in Russia.

There are a huge number of Russian escort directory sites out on the market. Most of them will be in Russian and then Google Translate will be your best friend. But there are also more and more online directories offering an English language version such as RusDosug ( and Real Russian Prostitutes ( These are local advertising platforms where independent women and agencies, salons and clubs can advertise their services, provide pictures and phone numbers. RusDosu is my favourite directory for St. Petersburg. It is targetting also Moscow but the number of escorts in St. Petersburg listed on the site is much larger. What I especially like is that you can search for real independent girls and filter on English speaking girls. Many escorts have uploaded also spicy videos to their profile. In the category professional and reliable escort agencies can be mentioned Lux model ( and St Petersburg Escorts ( They usually have a smaller stable of girls, but the quality of services is assumed to be higher. It is also more likely that girls working for local agencies targeting foreign customers can speak - at least intermediate - English. Keep in mind that most agencies with “Models” in their name charge at least €200 per hour, while the ones in online directories are usually amateurs who have more affordable fees.

There is always the chance that the Russian authorities have blocked the access to popular local escort directories. This can happen all of a sudden, most likely for being too obscene by nature or infringing other local regulations. But it seems a quite ad random procedure since some sites can continue to operate while other comparable or even less explicit sites are limited, at least access to them from Russian soil. Nevertheless it is easy to circumvent such restrictions by installing a VPN program like HideMyAss (HMA!) on your phone or other device. It will enable you to change your Russian IP for another county IP when browsing the web, and you will be able to visit these sites without any issues.

Be aware that girls who are labelled as independent on the local directories and erotic advertising portals often work in escort agencies or brothels, the so called intim salons. The vast majority of these local sex workers do not speak English even if their online profile (often submitted by the agency or salon manager) claims they do. You can easily find out by sending them an sms or message in Whatsapp. The ones who are not capable of speaking English and/or do not feel comfortable with meeting foreigners will not even bother to respond. In general those ladies who are advertising in English on the international escort directories are much more responsive. When you are looking for English speaking companions you have to realize that these ladies come at a much higher price tag. While many local girls in St. Petersburg offer 1 hour dates for €100 or even less; the ones who target foreigners usually charge fees between €150 and €250. For dates of longer duration the hour price can drop significantly but still count on at least €150 per hour. If appearance and English conversation skills matter to you, those ladies are probably your best bet.

St. Petersburg escort dragging customer to the bed

The escort scene in St. Petersburg is overwhelming in numbers and variety of girls

The independent girls not always have a convenient incall location for receiving customers. In such cases they will only offer outcall escort service to your hotel or apartment. When inviting a lady to your place is not convenient or even a no-go, for instance because your colleague has a hotel room next to yours, there are luckily workarounds. Mini-hotels, so called love-hotels, are spread all over the city centre of St. Petersburg. In these places couples can rent a room for a few hours for a romantic rendezvous. There is a flourishing scene of these short-term hotels, which you will find all over the place in Russia. There is a high demand for them since many youngsters still live with their parents and do not have an own place for intimate moments with their lovers. Rooms in these mini-hotels are usually let for a minimum duration of 2 hours at a very reasonable price, ranging somewhere between €15-30.

As is also the case for Moscow you will stumble upon independent escorts that run their own websites and target foreigners visiting their city. Irina Bruni ( is a famous Russian porn actress from St. Petersburg who has her current home base in Moscow. But she often returns to “Piter” where she is available for outcall escort service including dates in short term love hotels. With her slender athletic body, never ending legs, Slavic cheekbones and hoarse sexy voice she has everything a guy can dream of. She is fluent in English and her escort service receives very good reviews on Internet forums. Do the Northern climate and swampy grounds make fertile ingredients for a successful career in international porn? One would almost say so: it is remarkable how many renowned Russian porn actresses have their roots in Sankt Petersburg. World-famous porn movie stars, such as Stacey Snake, Katrin Tequila, Lindsey Olsen and Angel Rivas, to name a few, are originally from St. Petersburg. The good news is that they are also sometimes offering escort services in their native town when they are not on some movie set abroad. The agency (, based in Barcelona, has many of those Russian XXX stars in its stable, who can be booked as an escort, also when they are on international tours. Many of them are extremely fit and gorgeous babes with hopefully the same huge sex drive and stamina as they usually demonstrate on screen. In any case; be prepared to pay sky-high prices when you want to meet your favourite porn star.

Local girl drinking red wine in St. Petersburg bar

Many local girls roam the clubs and bars in St. Petersburg for making acquaintance with foreigners visiting their city

If you would like to hook up with “normal” Russian girls who work as free-lance escorts you can also give it a try with Tinder or Mamba ( Mamba is an online dating site and app, which is also offered in English language. Many people in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former USSR republics use the tremendous popular dating site to chat and flirt and it opens opportunities to meet up with foreigners. Dates through Mamba will usually not be free since girls know their price but often it can be cheaper than booking a call girl through an agency. But be cautious since also professional escort agencies and call girl services have discovered its great potential and if you do not want to hook up with professional sex workers you will need to filter them out. Asking for phone numbers to chat in Whatsapp and Viber and selfies or other genuine photos can help to find out who is real or not. I would encourage you also to perform a reverse image search in Google, Yandex Search or TinEye ( Let’s face it: Russia is pretty damn huge and so is the variety, most people seem to think that all Russians are blondes with blue eyes but that’s far from truth. Brothels are illegal and shady, you could ask around and find your way to one. But it is not entirely without a risk; there were reports on simultaneous police raids on numerous brothels. Both clients and workers were stripped naked and forced to walk a few blocks before getting locked up. Game of Thrones stuff: Russians don’t mess around.

As for streetwalkers and corner girls: there aren’t that many because especially in wintertime it can be freaking cold in St. Petersburg. But similarly to Dubai, you can find high-class prostitutes hanging around prestigious hotel lobbies. Rubinstein street, famous for its restaurants, as well as Dumskaya, St. Peterburg’s most popular bar area, are known for attracting many local girls hunting (foreign) tourists and expats. You have to be extremely cautious when a girl approaches you out in the street and ask you for a cigarette or having a drink together. The vast majority of these girls are hired in by bar and club owners to lure in wealthy and naive foreigners. If you think you can filter the good girls from the scammers, go ahead but do not say we didn’t warn you. There is a huge risk that in the end of the evening you will not get laid but be confronted with an outrageous high bill for drinks.

In St. Petersburg and other big Russian cities there is the typical phenomenon of intim salons, which are operating in the shadier part of the market. Do not confuse them with normal erotic massage salons, which are more tolerated by the local authorities and can advertise their services out in the open. Basically intim salons are brothels and therefore illegal, often they are tucked away in old apartment blocks and not easy to find when you do not speak Russian and cannot navigate the Russian erotic portals and escort directories where they are usually advertising.

Line-up of prostitutes in intim salon St. Petersburg

In intim salons the available girls are often introduced by a line-up

But in big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg they also target more foreigners and can communicate in English. In St. Petersburg Karamelki ( is a chain of intim salons, located on Vasilyevskaya, Volkovskaya, Chernishevskaya and Fontanka. Markiza ( is offering similar services. This chain operates several brothels near the metro stations Prospekt Prosvesjtsjenieja, Park Pobedy, Ploshchad Vosstaniya and Spasskaya; Both Karamelki and Markiza salons operate 24/7 and to know which girls are available in which time-slot you should consult the working schedules on the websites. Contacting the salon operator by phone before visiting a location is a wise idea to know what you can expect and to avoid disappointing experiences.

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