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Pattaya striptease and erotic clubs

There are no regular striptease clubs in Pattaya. Basically they are all brothels, just with different sets of rules. The Asian specialty: Karaoke bars such as Karaoke Cupid on 25/16‐17 Central Pattaya Rd for example. You hire hostesses and take them home after paying a bar fee. Beer bars around Soi 6 are pretty much the same thing, just without the karaoke.

Striptease clubs in Pattaya are usually nothing more or less than brothels

Same deal with go-go bars like Atlantis ( at the Walking Street. Girls prance around topless, you buy them drinks and they get a cut. Do you see one that you like? Pay a bar fee and take her to your hotel room. The main difference between go-go and striptease is that (in theory) go-go dancers don’t strip.

The line is blurred in Pattaya as the girls are often fully naked even when not dancing. Some of those joints have rooms upstairs available to rent for an hour or two. I leave it entirely up to your imagination but I bet you have already a clue about what is happening there.

No strip shows but still plenty enough nudity in Pattaya's go-go clubs

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