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Escort sites are a popular way of meeting some of those tall, blonde beauties that Latvia and the other Baltic countries are famous for. Escort directories like Riga Escort Girls ( and Sex Riga ( occupy the vast majority of the market. There you will find local girls who offer incall meetings at their own place and/or outcall escort service to your hotel or apartment. The girl profiles on the directory Sex Riga contain also reviews of customers, which - provided they are genuine - can help you to make a good choice and not end up with some scam-artist. Some photos, especially on Riga Escort Girls are very glamorous and look too good to be true. So be on guard and try to check online whether the photos are not “borrowed” from some super photo model or porn star. Reverse image search in Google, Yandex Search or TinEye ( can come in very handy to fish out the fake profiles and stolen pictures. Asking selfies or a making a video call upfront a meeting could also help to avoid disappointing experiences.

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Many high class escorts working in or touring to other European cities are of Latvian origin

Many beautiful and talented Latvian escorts have left the country already and try their luck as touring escort to cities like Paris and Brussels or even live more or less permanently abroad. Especially in London the population of Latvian women amongst the local escorts population is rather big for such a small country. Latvian women are very popular in the international high-class call girls scene, also thanks to their stunning appearance, which often is a blend of Russian and Scandinavian features. Blond, big blue eyes and endless long legs; that’s what most men still fancy after all. Also unlike many girls in Russia and Ukraine they speak often more than a mouth full of English and are easy to communicate and get along with. Escort agencies in Rīga are few and usually specialize in premium VIP escorts. Dream Girls ( and Riga VIP Escorts ( both got a small stable of verified girls. An hour with an escort in Rīga can cost upwards from €150.

Rīga was considered a kind of sex tourism location, a reputation that grew rapidly after Latvia joined the EU. Many popular discos and clubs in those days such as La Rocca, Club Essential, Voodoo club, Roxy and Nautilus were notorious for being pick-up places and hangouts of working girls. Most freelance prostitutes were young Russian speaking students or girls with low-paid jobs who wanted to earn some extra cash by hunting foreign tourists and businessmen visiting Latvia. In my country Latvia even had a nickname these days: “Sletland”, which meant Land of Sluts. But the local authorities wanted to get rid of this shady reputation and almost all places have been cleaned up or even closed permanently. Prostitution in Rīga is legal, excluding third party involvement and brothels will not be tolerated. Once in a while a bordello pops up, but usually the police will swiftly shut it down. You can still find one if you look hard enough but brothels like that keep a low profile, so you’ll have to ask around. Service in a bordello shouldn’t cost you more than €100.

The deal is practically the same with streetwalkers; most girls have given up on working in that manner and have moved their businesses online, work as escorts. You can meet some hookers around the Old Town and Caka Street, but the quality is often subpar and the entire experience can be unpleasant. Why unpleasant? Rīga is infamous for scams, cheats, last minute switch-ups and violent robberies. It all started happening when government started to bash prostitution with their hammer of justice and restriction. It obviously didn’t solve anything, but pushed the business even further into hands of criminal rings. On internet you will find numerous reports of escort agencies posting fake photos, seemingly friendly girls in bars asking you to pay their bill, or you’ll have to deal with her “friends”. Even some kebab stands try to rip you off charging more than is written in the menu. People like to exaggerate, but there’s a grain of truth in every legend, better safe than sorry.

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