Erotic masseuses & salons from Osaka

Osaka erotic massage

The erotic massage scene in Osaka is confusing as hell. There are some “sexy massage” spots around the red light districts. Those are a bit hit and miss, but Lynn ( at 11-28 Nanbasennichimae is worth a recommendation. Most of the erotic massage in Osaka is about the enigmatic health services. That sounds very pretentious and serious but it’s just escort business under a different name. Let’s say you book a girl at Remote Spa ( and you take her to a love hotel. Love hotels are usually equipped with mats and stuff for the Nuru massage.

Japanese masseuse in sexy pink bunny outfit

It's not easy to wrap your head around the massage scene in Osaka, especially as a gaijin (foreigner)

There used to be soaplands in Osaka, but as of 2018 they are not a thing anymore. You still have spots like Club Amour ( at 2 Chome-6-6 Nishishinsaibashi, which explicitly denies full service. It’s a so-called “mat health” or “mat play”. You get a bath, a massage, and a blowjob. It’ll cost you $200 for a session. By the way, the discounts don’t apply to foreigner customers. As often in Japan gaijin, foreigners, get a different treatment, to put mildly what many will see as straight-up discrimination.  

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