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There isn’t much to say about prostitution in Slovenia. The only way to get laid for money in Ljubljana are escorts. Escort services are even mentioned on Ljubljana’s official websites, so they’re pretty open-minded about that stuff. As for the legalities: prostitution is allowed as long as it’s arranged online. Brothels and all sorts of pimping are prohibited. Ljubljana is not a big sex tourism destination, to put it mildly. But what can you expect from a capital with a population of around 300 000 inhabitants? I think the proximity of ultra-liberal Austria is the reason why the business here is so mediocre.

No one has an exact number, but people assume that there are around 300 escorts in Ljubljana. Most of those are local and foreign exchange students. There aren’t many websites around, but let me throw a few ideas around. Ena ( is an independent escort in Ljubljana. She also does tours so check when she’s available for booking. Melissa B ( is a similar kind of a Ljubljana escort. There are a few escorts in Ljubljana advertising on classifieds sites such as Info Slovenia ( It’s not much but beggars can't be choosers. Slo Escort (, an erotic message board is your best bet to explore the local paid sex scene. You’ll have to register to gain full access to the ads though. Half an hour with a decent looking lady in Ljubljana will cost you around €100.

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The Ljubljana escorts scene is quite underwhelming

There are no brothels, no red-light districts and no streetwalkers in Ljubljana. You literally won’t find any action “out in the field” or outside of the Internet. There are rumours about brothels in nearby cities, but nothing concrete or they will shit down swiftly. Thankfully, the Austrian border is like a 150 km drive from Ljubljana. Crossing over is an option if you’re craving the freedom of legal brothels.

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