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Moscow striptease and erotic night clubs

Basically Moscow striptease clubs fall into two types of categories. Firstly you have the regular strip clubs where some touching is allowed. The renowned club Golden Girls ( on 3-Ya Yamskogo Polya Ulitsa, 15 belongs to that more innocent category. Those striptease clubs in Moscow work like everywhere else, some girls are pole-dancing while the majority lurks around like vultures looking for potential prey to buy them drinks and tip for a 3 minute-long lap-dance. The so-called VIP rooms are the real deal, albeit a bit pricey as you’ll probably have to buy a bottle of champagne. Clubs like Provokator ( at Oruzheyniy pereulok 15A and Rasputin ( situated at Zubovskiy Bulvar 25 are also quite popular. Don’t miss the cabaret show at the Rasputin club!

Girl in traditional Russian outfit during show in Moscow striptease club

Moscow striptease and erotic night clubs fall into 2 categories: traditional ones and the ones where everything goes

The second - probably more intriguing - category of Moscow strip clubs are the ones who function as a glamorous front for a brothel and where you can take a girl upstairs to a room where everything goes. And when I say everything I literally mean everything. You can avoid hassling with hotel rooms when doing your deed in the club. And the girls in these posh clubs look like catwalk and photo models. But be aware all these assets come at a high price tag. A night out in such a club including a private session with a local stunner could cost you easily the average month salary of a Moscow citizen, if not more. The most popular ones of these hard-core versions of Moscow night clubs are Aurora ( on Petrovka Ulitsa, 18/2, ANGELS men’s club ( on Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya Ulitsa, 8, стр. 2 and Penthouse Club ( on New Arbat Ave, 21.

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