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Reykjavík is the last place I would ever consider a sex tourism destination. Okay, not counting the North and South Poles. Maybe an independent escort in Reykjavík here and there, but nothing major. Escort services in Reykjavík are mostly non-existent. It’s a few foreign girls and touring escorts in Reykjavík and about a quarter of the market are locals. It’s pretty dead. That’s why I’m surprised that on some international escort directories you will literally stumble over hundreds of ads of girls who claim they are working as escorts In Reykjavík. It is also remarkable that many ladies have included their Snapchat username in their profile so they might just sell cam shows. Virtual sex has gained popularity amongst escorts anyway during Corona times now that physical meetings have become sort of risky. The great numbers of working girls in Reykjavík advertising online is also confusing because paying for sex is illegal here. Selling sex is okay though, which makes the confusion even bigger. Besides, the police don’t have the resources to control the escort businesses in Reykjavík. People took matters into their own hands and started a vigilante group. They call themselves the Big Sisters; it’s a kind of a neighbourhood watch. They run around the city collecting flyers and reporting online adds to the law. It sounds very silly and I think the law just doesn’t care about some escorts in Reykjavík. Numbers paint a grim picture of prostitution in Iceland. 70% of retired prostitutes suffer PTSD, 60% attempted suicide.

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Apart from some touring girls the escort scene in Reykjavik is pretty dead

It's all very hush-hush. Escorts in Reykjavík advertise their services on dating sites like Adult Friend Finder or the local Einkamal ( You might get lucky on Tinder and Snapchat as well. Message boards like Chansluts ( are an option, but it’s mostly soft-core stuff and webcams. The best opportunities to book online escorts in Reykjavík offer some international escort directories. There is no red light district in Reykjavík, however you might get approached by some girls here and there. It will usually be a local chick asking if you’re just down to **** for free. There are rumours about escorts in Reykjavík working in nightclubs. Don’t count on that as those get instantly shut down. Have at least €200 prepared if you’re lucky and manage to find a working girl.

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