Erotic masseuses & salons from Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro erotic massage

Erotic massage in Rio de Janeiro comes down to tiny bordellos spread around Copacabana and downtown Rio. Studios with two or ree rooms with a couple of girls to pick from and enjoy a “fast foda” or “fast fuck”. They often host happy hours for businessmen from nearby office buildings. These parlors rarely advertise online, you’re better off asking the locals. The salons located in Centro focus on the traditional massage styles, but extras are not unlikely. You can check a few reputable ones such as Terapias ( or Duda’s Massagem ( at Av. Rio Branco, 156.

Latin couple in erotic massage session in Rio

In Rio the lines between erotic massage studios and bordellos is often blurred

Smaller studios will charge you by the minute, a 30min long session costs around $15. Upscale sensual massage studios in Rio de Janeiro charge more ($100 tops) but it’s still cheap compared to other countries. Try Copa 583 ( at Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, supposedly one of the top massage parlors in Rio de Janeiro.

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