Strippers erotic club girls & clubs from Reykjavík

Reykjavík striptease and erotic clubs

There have been rumours about striptease clubs in Reykjavík and people being offered sex and drugs, ALLEGEDLY. Remember that Reykjavík is tiny; there aren’t really any venues for larger strip clubs. Expect something more along the lines of a titty bar. I should probably mention that striptease is absolutely illegal in Iceland.

Small strip bar with pool dance stage in Reykjavik

Strip bars are officially not allowed and practically non-existent in Reykjavik

Shooters ( at Austurstæti 12 is currently your only option. They have a reputation comparable to the worst central European cesspools. Girls with foreign accents ripping people off, asking for overpriced drinks, shady backroom action: all the usual suspects. Locals steer away and so should you.

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