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The Croatian sex business is massive, especially in major tourist destinations. Dubrovnik is flooded with hot women during summer, particularly local and touring escorts. Prostitution is illegal in Croatia, but not “just because” like in many other countries. They just couldn’t keep up with its rapid growth. You had escorts in Dubrovnik, streetwalkers and legal brothels popping up like mushrooms after rain. The administration couldn’t control the quality anymore. Biweekly health inspections in brothels must’ve cost a lot. “Commies” - though officially Yugoslavia was socialist - were the other reason. Totalitarian regimes really don’t fancy legal prostitution. Croatia is still going through the post-socialist transformation and struggles with human traffic. I think it’s just a temporary solution and they’ll legalize it very soon. Why? Because people in Dubrovnik are super horny. People literally screw around on boats, beaches, and public parks. Those are the locals; just imagine the tourists going wild on vacation. Suffice to say: escorts in Dubrovnik can’t complain about a lack of work.

High class escort posing at swimming pool at Croatian coast

Dubrovnik: a hot spot for exclusive call girls with exclusive rates

The only real downside is that online escorts in Dubrovnik are damn hard to find. Forget about obvious escort agencies or local directories, aside from the usual international directories and classifieds sites where call girls post their profiles. It’s all about independent escorts in Dubrovnik and they often advertise on their own websites. Most escort girls hop over to Dubrovnik during the holiday season; usually girls from other Croatian cities or countries in the region such as Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. And there are also a fair number of girls from Montenegro; a tiny but beautiful country nearby, very popular with Russian tourists and businessmen. You might come across Russian freelance working girls of touring VIP escorts as well. Check out websites of escorts like Tamara’s ( and Sara ( and you’ll get an idea what kind of stunners you can expect in Dubrovnik. You’re probably rubbing your eyes in disbelief about the prices mentioned on the site, but yes, those rates are accurate. That’s what Dubrovnik escorts actually charge their clients, €900 for two hours is not unheard-of. There are a few dozen ads on classifieds like SexSMS ( Those girls charge less, but there is no photo preview.

Beautiful local girls bringing a toast in Dubrovnik bar

The vibrant bar and club scene in Dubrovnik offers plenty of opportunities to meet up with beautiful local women

There is no red light district and there are no official brothels and no streetwalkers in Dubrovnik. You can, however, keep an eye out for those unbelievably hot freelance bar girls. They hang out at the best beach clubs like the Copacabana ( They know you’re a tourist and they know what you came here for. They’ve prepared for you all year and they’re ready. Their absurd, pulled-out-of-their-ass rates are also ready. Don’t fall for that tourist trap bullshit. Don’t get robbed in broad daylight by a hooker.

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