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Striptease clubs in Cannes are amazing. I mean: titty bars and gentlemen’s clubs in cities like this have a reputation to uphold. They can’t go screwing around scamming people. They can’t have their “hostesses” go around slipping pills into celebrities’ drinks. Your business would be over before you could say Boulevard de la Croisette. Bus Paradise ( at 20 Rue Victor Cousin is new but is already gaining reputation as the best strip club in Cannes.

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Visit Vesper ( at 13 Rue Forville for a different, more private experience. Aquadisiac ( at 8 Impasse Bergerie, on the other hand, is an erotic sauna place with glory holes and a sex dungeon. Pretty edgy and different from all the glamorous stuff Cannes is renowned for. And probably not the kind of place you’d want to wake up in. Or would you?

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