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In my humble opinion Mediterranean women get better the further you get from Portugal. And thankfully, Greece is far enough. The Hellenic Republic has completely legal and government-regulated prostitution, apart from pimping and streetwalking, obviously. There are some restrictions as only unmarried Greek women are allowed to register as prostitutes. I think it’s kind of cute that they don’t want someone’s wife to whore herself. They also take regular health tests and the official registered number of sex workers in Athens amounts to barely a 1000. But in reality it is much higher. Brothels are the most popular venue when it comes to sex services, but there are also numerous escort agencies and directories. Glamour Escorts ( seems to be reliable agency, you even get a €10 coupon for booking via WhatsApp. It is like an escorts week in Aldi; collect enough stickers and you can save money. GDE or Golden Diamond Escorts ( apart from a cliché name has a stunning variety of call girls at their disposal, prices start at €160 per hour. The agency’s website is seemingly only in Greek but it has an English section which you will notice when you will scroll down a bit. It’s an Athens based agency, but they have escorts from all over the world, including Italian, Bulgarian and Serbian girls. And as you can already notice from the Slavic cheekbones and names and the        ir beautiful appearance there is a large number of Ukrainian and Russian escorts employed by the agency as well. This will not be different for many other escort agencies serving local and foreign customers in Athens.

Touring escort travelling to Athens waiting in airport

Athens and other Greek cities are often visited by escort doing international city tours in Europe

The share of Russian and Ukrainian women in the total escorts population in Athens and also Thessaloniki is pretty large. The girls are not only touring to Athens and Thessaloniki but quite a significant number of Eastern European girls is more or less permanently based in Greece. From there they can also do city tours to other European countries. Living in Greece as a foreign escort offers obviously some clear advantages. To mention a few: there are good flight connections with other European cities, the costs of living are much lower than in cities as Paris and London, the local authorities are pretty lax and maybe most important of all: the weather and the beaches are pleasant. As far as the Ukrainian women are concerned it also helps that they can travel more freely within the EU since they do no longer need to have a Schengen visa since recently. A popular directory targeting the Greek escorts market is ( Most of the profiles on this local directory seem to be real and the independent escorts and agency operators can often be contacted directly by Whatsapp to set up a date quite quickly. If you have only little trust in escort agencies, you could always give Tinder a shot. Apparently a lot of Greek (working) girls advertise there, especially at the end of the month when the rent is due.

If (light) BDSM is your thing you definitely cannot afford to miss an appointment with the fetish and dominatrix escort Naorys ( This 5.11 tall stunner with sultry looks has a lot of kinky games and role-plays in her basket. She can visit your place from €200 per hour and will bring along a lot of toys and clothes of your choice. I never was into BDSM but I certainly have a weak spot for tall and leggy dark haired ladies. And I think that after seeing her amazing photos and mouth-watering video, for Naorys I would definitely broaden my horizon. You are never too old to learn new things after all. It is not often that you come across of a website which is so rich in unique content and awesome in design and artwork as the site of the independent Athens based escort Orselia Kashmir ( Her GFE service, which can be topped with a Tantra massage, promises for a mind-blowing experience. This in addition to her sultry looks makes her a companion that is definitely worth to hook up with when you would be in Athens. And if Greece is not in your travel schedule this well educated young lady is also open to invitations for accompanying you during a holiday or business trip to another destination.

When you want to visit a brothel in Athens you basically have two main areas at your disposal. First of all you can do as most tourists do and explore the well-known Fylis Street and its nearby streets. There you witness immediately this is an area populated by immigrants from Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East. It is almost a surrealistic experience to see the exotic family life on the street to the backdrop of the brothels. Young kids playing football with their fathers, women in headscarves drinking tea on the street while locals are sneaking in and out the bordellos. Most men however tend to choose the area around the Metaxourghio metro station where the price level is significant lower.

Brothels in Athens' Fylis street area

Illegal bordellos in Athens can be recognized by their permanently lit white lamps

Everyone who has plunged into Athens erotic scene will know that local brothels fall into two categories: the legal ones, which go under the name “studios” shown in red neon lights. These are state licensed establishments where women have permits to work as a prostitute. They are also advertising online and can be found on local directories like ( On this popular local advertising platform you also can find listings of massage salons and escort agencies. Sometimes the studios also mention which girls work in which shift of the day. Besides it has a large forum section, which can provide a lot of guidance when picking your girl but you will need help of an online translator if you cannot read Greek.

You can recognise the illegal brothels by their white bulbs turned on day and night. Usually they are housed in less maintained buildings with poor facilities: a shower is usually lacking and you will find only a sink. But if price matters to you, they will be your best option. In the white light brothels the price for one session can start at only €20 while in the licensed red light studios you will pay at least €50 to go to a room with a lady. In the legal studios you usually will encounter a higher quality service level and more beautiful women than in the unlicensed brothels. Many punters seem to have mixed feelings about the quality of the unlicensed establishments in Athens. Some are happy but many complain that it feels like a quicky at the backseat of your car: just a finish and go. But honestly, what else could you expect for as low as €20/€30? Some upper-shelf bordellos might offer a better experience, but you can never be completely sure about that. Studios like Desire ( at Thisseos 40, or Caroline ( at Katechaki 5 can be assumed to provide higher quality services but this is also reflected in a higher price level: count on between €50 and €100 per hour.

While the white light non-licensed brothels are mainly situated in Fylis and near the Metaxourghio station, the studios are spread over many areas in town. Many studios are concentrated around Konstantinupoleos street in the Gazi district. This vibrant local party hub is also worth checking out when you are not on an erotic mission but just looking for a good night-out.

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