São Paulo city guide

São Paulo is often compared to Rio de Janeiro, but it's like comparing night to day. Rio is a hot mess, an almost primal clash of elements, shapes, and sounds. Rio is pure chaos. São Paulo is its polar opposite. Dignified and structured, despite being home to almost three times the population of Rio. Certain issues come with such an enormous number of citizens. The growing disparity between the working class and the rich are reaching new heights. Literally. The poor spend hours in traffic jams trying to drive downtown from suburban favelas, while the rich board a helicopter. I'm not even joking. People are stuck in traffic, look up and see those dickheads flying over. São Paulo has the largest helicopter fleet in the world, so politicians and the wealthy can skip traffic jams. That 1% o...

Rio de Janeiro city guide

Rio de Janeiro was masterfully portrayed in Fast and Furious 5 aka Furious 5. I'm dead serious. This marvel of modern cinematography managed to show all sides of this colorful city. The possibly most iconic beach in the world, the definitely most iconic Jesus in the world. The cars, the girls, the money. You can have all that in Rio if you're muscular, bald and your name is Vin. Remember that being a superhero doesn't come without any downsides. You'll have to fight the corrupt government, sleep around in the sewers and fight Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Wait, was it in the same movie? I lost track. I don't think Rio is nice or beautiful or even a pleasant city to visit. I think it's dirty, chaotic and dangerous in a romantic kind of way. I think Rio de Janeiro has huge balls and heaps of ch...
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