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Istanbul has a huge and flourishing escorts scene and is a major hub for touring escorts that have Istanbul on their to-do-list. Prostitution has a long tradition in this region. During those times it was perfectly normal for a man to have three women in his life: a wife, a concubine and a courtesan. Why not go back in time and give it a shot? Thankfully, escorting and other paid sex services are legal and regulated by the government. Brothels are tolerated too and the same goes even for streetwalking as long as the street hookers have a license and have regular health check-ups. Despite the variety of paid sex services your best bet for are usually escorts. You can usually look them up on internet where you will come across escort directories such as ( or agency sites like Istanbul Escort Girls (

As usual, keep in mind that photos of girls, especially those on escort agency sites can be heavily photo-shopped or even entirely fake. Sometimes the websites of “independent” escorts operating from Istanbul look very similar, especially those made by free software. This raises the impression the same webmaster or agency is operating behind the schemes. It’s not that agency girls cannot deliver good service but the fact the agency owners are hiding their identity could be a bad sign. In order to avoid huge disappointments check out if you are really talking to the girl you wish to meet. So iy would not harm to ask for a selfie or video via WhatsApp. Reverse image search is a great invention to filter out suspicious pictures published online. Some sites like TinEye ( are specialised at this but also search engines like Google and Yandex Search offer good opportunities. Checking in Google whether the same phone numbers is not in use at the same time by any other girls is also a very wise thing to do in case you want to have more certainty.

Customer paying call girl with fake Turkish money in Istanbul

Customers paying escorts with fake money have become a major issue in Istanbul

Paying with false money is of all times but it is a rather persistent phenomenon in Istanbul’s escort scene. There are several cases where escorts have been deceived by clients handing over fake Turkish Lira banknotes. The escort agencies and girls are now better aware of that and warn sometimes on their sites clients not try these tricks. Also it is reported that sometimes girls have a money marker with them to check the paper money they receive from a customer when doing business.

Prices start at €200 per hour and get as high as €1000 for a whole night, but it can be worth it. The sheer volume and variety of escort girls, or eskort kızlar as they say in Turkish, is a testament of Istanbul being the link between Europe and Asia. As a consequence, you can meet escorts from all over the globe and will have a wide choice of European, Asian, Latin and African ladies. Of course, as so often in escort business, Slavic ladies take the crown. Many drop-dead beauties hop over from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to make some cash. Most of the times they do not hide their origin and often you will notice the independent ladies and agencies operate under Ukrainian and Russian SIM cards. If you ever dreamed of a trio with two Ukrainian ladies you could give it a try with the blonde stunner Jasmine and her gorgeous brunette girl friend Sofia ( Another independent call girl operating from Istanbul and offering both GFE and more kinky services is the Russian drop-dead beauty Denize ( Many Eastern European and other foreign call girls even live more or less permanently in the city because food is great and cheap, renting prices are affordable and the weather quite pleasant. For obvious reasons you will find also many Arabic sex workers in Istanbul. After all Turkey is, at least in practice, much more lax when it comes to prostitution as many other countries in the Middle East region. It is not often that you will come across an escort from Kyrgyzstan. So you could maybe try to set up a date with the independent escort Carla ( if you would be up for an exotic sensual encounter.

Two prostitutes waiting for customers behind the curtains in Istanbul brothel

There is a huge number of illegal brothels in Istanbul with - sadly enough - not always the best working conditions for ladies

In case you’re low on budget you can consider streetwalkers who are a cheaper alternative to booking eskort kızlar in Istanbul. Most of them are located around Aksaray and Taksim square which are basically red light districts with shady brothels, working girls and everything one would expect in a cosmopolitan city like Istanbul. Istanbul’s most notorious red light district is located in the Karaköy area, down by the harbour. Especially in the area Kadem and Zufara Street and by the Galata Bridge you will encounter many bordellos and street prostitutes. As for the street hookers: they’re cheap, but let’s just say they’ve seen better days. Istanbul supposedly houses some of the oldest streetwalkers in the world and it’s alright, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Istanbul street prostitute smoking and looking around for business

Street hookers in Istanbul roam especially the areas around Kadem and Zufara street and near the Galata Bridge

There’s a remarkable large number of girls from Ukraine and especially Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest countries, working in Istanbul’s erotic scene. Unfortunately, they and other Eastern European young ladies are often under control of local or foreign mafia guys. They have to work under shitty labour conditions in a local brothel, a genelev, as they are called here. Sadly enough fighting human trafficking is not a top priority of local authorities in every country. Only male customers and licensed prostitutes are allowed the red light zones in Istanbul. You’ll have to show your ID when you cross a border of such a district so keep your passport on you and watch out for scammers. There are numerous reports of local security officers who ask an entrance fee of for entering but this is not compulsory and in any case never pay more than €10.

If you have a fling for Slavic women and in particular Russian ladies you can explore the scene in the Laleli area. In this area also known as ‘little Russia’ many freelance prostitutes are hunting for clients in the local bars and clubs. Bar prostitution is quite big in Istanbul. Since street prostitution is officially not allowed by local authorities, many freelance hookers choose the local bars and clubs as their hunting fields. Especially the clubs and bars around Aksaray are notorious for attracting freelance escorts. Also in the lobby bars of the tourist and business hotels in Taksim Square you will notice very attractive high-class working girls lurking for wealthy prays. Especially late at night discount prices could be negotiated but do not put your hopes too high. Most ladies have plenty of clients to choose from and will not be open to bargaining. Transsexual prostitutions are high in demand in Istanbul. A well known spot for picking up shemales is the Taksim area around Talrabasi Boulevard for often less than €50 for a quicky. Popular streets for transgender prostitutes are Turgut Ozal, Halas Sok and Balo Sok.

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