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Striptease clubs in Rio de Janeiro: this is where it gets complicated. Every larger establishment with naked women inside is called a “terma”. It theoretically means a spa, or a sauna, something along the lines of the European FKK. Some termas are exactly that. So you pay an entrance fee, change into a bathrobe, have a drink, pick a girl and take her to one of the rooms. The vast majority of “termas” are striptease club style brothels. Simple as that.

Dancer in Rio de Janeiro striptease club

In Rio de Janeiro striptease clubs go often under the name "Terma"

The only spa facilities they have are showers in rooms where you “finalize your transaction” with the hooker. Tourists often receive subpar treatment, but that’s the case everywhere. Whores are like pizza dough; they can smell fear from a mile. I bet that’s what happened to Justin Bieber in Centaurus ( at Rua Canning, 44. Centauris is the most notorious mega-brothel in Rio de Janeiro, frequented by international celebrities. It’s not for nothing that the renowned magazine Rolling Stone called it a scandalous sin palace ( That’s where they made the photos of little Justin leaving via the backdoor, covered with a tablecloth.

There are more of these super-bordellos in Rio de Janeiro, there’s Solarium ( at Rua José Joaquim Seabra, 21 and Monte Carlo ( at Rua Hilário de Gouvêia, 19. Yet only Centaurus achieved the status of an international legend. There’s even a love story involved. The owner fell in love with one of the hookers and made her a cafetina (a mama-san), they lived happily ever after as owners of the best brothel in Brazil.

Stripper in Rio striptease club

Rio is famous for night clubs that operate in reality as brothels

These Rio de Janeiro striptease clubs "Brazilian style" are expensive (for local standards) but you won’t find better “garotas” in Rio de Janeiro. Entry costs $60, which does not seem a lot, especially compared to striptease clubs in Europe.

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