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Buenos Aires striptease and erotic clubs

Strip clubs in Buenos Aires are divided into two categories: striptease clubs and cabarets. They are the exact same thing, but cabarets or “whiskerias” have a horrible reputation. They lie on the bottom shelf of titty bars.

Argentinian girl performing strip show in Buenos Aires striptease club

In Buenos Aires strip clubs fall into two categories: striptease clubs and cabarets

They resemble those strip joints in Europe, where they lure you in with free drinks and promises of “best girls in town”. But once you are in they will only let you go when you’re completely broke, possibly drunk and in extreme cases, beaten to a pulp. I’d generally stay away from anything that needs promoters to get their clients; quality spots don’t need shady advertising. The upper-class striptease clubs in Buenos Aires are great, also widely known for strippers willing to visit a “telo” with you after their working hours.

Nowadays it is easier in Buenos Aires to find swinger clubs than conventional strip joints after the local authorities shut down many seedy bars. Swinger clubs are becoming increasingly popular in Argentina and the rules are pretty much the same as everywhere else. So as a male you need to bring someone of the opposite sex and you pay a cover fee while the entrance for women is free. But don’t despair if you are happening to be on your own because most clubs also host special evenings for solo guys. One of the most popular swinger clubs in Buenos Aires is Prive Club SW ( on Honduras 4184 in the fashionable Palermo district. The Bash (, located on Nicaragua 4346 in the same city area, is another exclusive swinger club with an excellent reputation.

Cocodrilo ( at Gallo 1311 is not a regular strip club but one of those rare night clubs with a somewhat legendary reputation. The ground floor is your regular bar with lounges, poles and naked waitresses, but the real party is on the upper floor. There are rumors about Bill Clinton being a regular and Diego Maradona practically having a room in the building. The girls are able and willing to do all sorts of magic tricks for as little as $100. There were two other legendary spots: Madajos and Black, but sadly those two are now permanently closed. Word is they were a bit too open with their brothel-ish side of the business.

Beautiful Argentinian girl in stylish club in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires many freelance working girls operate from clubs

But don’t worry: also regular nightclubs in Buenos Aires are frequented by (freelance) prostitutes. Best spots are located around Palermo, Recoleta and along the seaside. Local girls are often playing hard to get, so if one approaches you out of her own accord then it’s most likely a business proposition.

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