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If you think that a city with a history and slave trade, plus a port town, has a significant escorts presence, then you’re damn right! Prostitution in Liverpool is legal but walking around telling someone you’ll give him a blowjob for €40 and operating a brothel isn’t. Escort agencies and independent escorts in Liverpool are by far the most popular means of getting some nookie. They are usually safe, sound and you know what you’re paying for. Night Butterflies ( is one of the top escort agencies in Liverpool. The call girl service has a great reputation and a small selection of girls that makes up for it with great quality. I like how the girls describe themselves in broken English, which only adds to the authenticity, to my opinion. Don’t get me wrong; most girls are local, but there’s also a decent choice of Eastern-Europeans.

Liverpool escort ringing the bell

You can find great looking call girls in Liverpool but not all escort agencies have a spotless reputation

An hour with one of their lovely escorts will cost you around €100. Escorts Directory ( is a site that hosts call girl advertisements from all over the country and the directory has a remarkable large section of escorts in Liverpool. Sadly enough there are a few agencies in the city that are reported for abusing their girls and treating them badly. Just do a Google search on the combination “Liverpool escorts abuse” and you know what I mean.

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When you cannot receive an ecort in your place you can visit instead one of the many brothels in Liverpool

There’s a ton of brothels in Liverpool. Some drop flyers behind your windshield wipers, others inside phone booths; I think that’s the only reason why those still exist. Prices are usually the same as escorts you can find online. Bear in mind that they’re not legal and highly dangerous spots to visit, often operated by criminal circles. Regardless the risks you have plenty of alternatives. Many Liverpool escorts are cool with incall meetings as well so I would definitely go with that if you cannot receive a call girl in your own place.

Streetwalking is a common and easy way to find cheap sex in this city. Working girls usually roam areas surrounding Netherfield Road North, parts of Kensington, London Road and the Liverpool University. A quickie will cost you around €40, but don’t count on anything memorable. Drug addicted sex workers on Liverpool's Sheil Road will ask even much less.

Liverpool street hooker waiting in a tunnel

The BBC broadcasted an impressive documentary about the misery in Liverpool's street prostitution scene

The BBC broadcasted a documentary series, Sex Map of Britain and its last episode Four Pounds For Sex depicted young girls selling themselves for as little as £4. The documentary was incredible powerful and depressing and can still be seen here: I could not imagine someone would enjoy abusing and profiting from their miserable situation and desperate need for cash to score some crack or heroine. There is also a trend in some Liverpool bars where older women approach men. Mind that they are usually not prostitutes but “milfs” that read a bit too much into Fifty Shades of Grey.

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