Strippers erotic club girls & clubs from Tokyo

Tokyo striptease and erotic clubs

Striptease club situation in Tokyo is as unusual as everything else in Japan. You got your usual titty bars with pole dancers and occasional sex acts on a stage. Then there are hostess clubs, which by design, are something similar to the geisha culture. The usual procedure is that you will be served by a girl who will pour you drinks and entertain you. Sex will be not on the menu. Sekukyaba are a kind of hostess clubs but you can touch and fondle all you like, as long as there will be no penetration.

Pole dance in Tokyo striptease club

The striptease and erotic night club scene in Tokyo is as exotic as everything else in Japan

Sexy Pubs, Oppai Bars, Cabaret Clubs, there are so many names for these establishments that even the locals can’t wrap their heads around it. Most of those venues are owned by the Prince group and they got a decent reputation, although they’re not always very friendly towards foreigners (gaijin). The branch has clubs spread all over Tokyo; Red Shoes ( is quite popular, as is DX Kabukicho ( at 2-25-10 B1 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku.

Japanese lady singing karaoke in KTV bar in downtown Tokyo

In Tokyo KTV bars a lot can happen behind the scenes

KTV, or karaoke bars are often fronts for sex clubs as well. Many employ Japanese and foreign “whorestesses”. Those bars rent rooms with karaoke equipment where you can enjoy your own private party. It’s hard to put a price on those things but expect to spend upwards from $100 an hour. And for that you will get a fair amount of drinks, snacks, tits, and all that jazz.

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