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Prostitution in Ukraine is illegal but the penalty is paying a €10 fine which is laughable, so it might as well just be legal. It’s still a relatively poor country and students do what they can to pay for their expenses (I have seen stats claiming that 1 in 5 female students sells sex services). Most girls make a good living working as independent escort in Kiev. The most beautiful and adventurous ones will even try their luck elsewhere. Many Ukrainian girls nowadays make acquaintance through online media such as Instagram with foreigners and will leave Kiev to meet up with some loaded guy in Dubai, Istanbul or Mumbai. They will return to Kiev sun-tanned and with a small fortune in their Gucci bag, especially compared to what they would earn in a regular job in office or shop. Many part-time working girls also use Mamba (, a dating site including a great app for smart phone, which is very popular in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former USSR republics to hook up with foreigners. In addition to independent escorts there are several agencies advertising their girls on these dating sites so you need to be cautious to be sure you will meet the lovely lady of the pictures. Better safe than sorry, so it is always wise to verify thoroughly the pictures with help of reverse image search programs/sites such as TinEye ( or Google Reverse Search ( Checking in Google if the phone number published by an individual girl is actually not used at the same time by many other girls or an escort agency would not harm either. And do not be naïf and be prepared to pay a fair amount for your date with a local girl. A few ones might be satisfied with a dinner invitation and free drinks but the vast majority will ask at least €100 for accompanying you a few hours to your place. But at least it will often be lower than the fees professional escorts and agencies will ask.

Beautiful Kiev escort stretching out on white fur rug

Many Kiev ecorts are stunning Ukrainian girls and students who work on the side in escorting

There are also local directories such as ( a directory loaded with scores of beautiful girls for very affordable rates, starting as low as €50 per hour for a company of a girl that would be considered a VIP escort in other countries. Gia Escort ( is an escort agency that manages working girls that decide to work for them for a cut of their profits. They even organize tours during which their escorts will join you on your travels. Need some company for your dream Sri Lanka vacation? They got you covered, prices are a bit higher than usual Kiev rates, but the girls are totally worth it.

Brothels in Kiev are hard to trace down. Usually they operate as massage parlors but you can still find a few old school bordellos located in old Soviet apartment complexes around Pobedi Prospekt. You’ll probably have to ask around. Sex is cheap (€30-€40 for full service) and the whores are hideous, but it’s quite a risky adventure. Better just stick to escorts, erotic massage studios or go on a bar crawl or explore the local club scene.

With this peculiar legal situation lots of top-notch working girls in Kiev just roam around popular bars and nightclubs. Buddha Bar ( on Khreschatyk 14 street is a great place to try your luck, Skybar ( at Velyka Vasylkivska street 5 and D.Fleur ( on on Mykhaila Hrushevskoho street 3, are all examples of awesome nightlife icons in Kiev where high class escorts are scouting for potential clients.

Ukrainian girls showing off their long sexy legs in Kiev night club

Clubbing in Kiev is an amazing experience and you can encounter many freelance Ukrainian escorts in the local bars and night clubs

You will notice many stunning lonely ladies, dressed to kill, sipping cocktails and smoking at the bar or in a lounge seat. Keep in mind that most Ukrainian girls are gifted by nature with fabulous looks and put serious efforts in dressing up before going to a club. So not every woman that might be dressed like a prostitute is actually one. Remember: when part-time escorts will approach you, usually their first question will be where you are from, immediately followed by the question in which hotel or apartment you stay. Usually they won’t just straight up tell you that they’re offering sex services (illegal soliciting…), so they often will refer to “compensation for a date”.

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