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Escorts in Baku are hot and steamy like crisp pilaf. Most escort services in Baku were established recently following the city’s rapid development. It became a sex tourism haven for Arabs. Their deep pockets are the main cause of such a huge influx of freelance escorts in Baku. The foreigners working in the local oil industry are pretty loaded as well, far from home and often lonely: the perfect ingredients for a flourishing escort scene. The city is luxurious enough to lure even the top touring girls in. Locals oppose that and hate the fact that it’s becoming a sex tourism destination. Did I mention that prostitution is illegal in Azerbaijan? That is a bit of an issue, but no one takes those regulations seriously. To be fair, they do a good job keeping the online action locked down, but everything else goes. You can pay for everything aside from official brothel service. Escorts, bar girls, streetwalkers, hotel lobby girls, you name it.

Bed with cash money left for Baku escort

The deep pockets of local and foreign businessmen have boosted the escorts scene in Baku

Let’s start with online escorts in Baku. It’s pretty bad. Most sites are Russian scams or giant international directories. The local market is lacking and there’s only a handful of legitimate sources. Vodka Escorts ( operate in most post-soviet countries, Azerbaijan included. Atlas Escorts ( have a few Baku escorts on board, not many but still. Sislisrevisi ( has a ton of classifieds if you can be bothered ramming through the language wall. Tinder is also very popular among escorts in Baku looking for expat clients. An hour with a very good-looking escort will cost you around €150.

The majority of sex workers in Baku operate in the field. There is no official red-light district, but there’s a good chance of getting approached by a girl on every street. The Fountain Square is particularly crowded. This is where working girls lay their trap waiting for Arab customers. You approach a girl and she’ll take out her phone and type a price.

Beautiful Baku girl smoking hookah in local bar

The local clubs and bars are notorious hunting grounds for freelance working girls in Baku

Haggle if she asks for anything above €50. You’ll see women soliciting in bars and random cafes; especially those frequented by (foreign) businessmen and expats. Some will hang around popular hotel lobbies. As for brothels, officially there aren’t any. Rumor has it that several clubs have rooms in the back to rent by the hour. Police raid popular spots along the Nizami street regularly. I’d wager there are dozens of “anonymous reports” from abiding citizens.

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