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You would think that a country that is half Christian and half Muslim would completely criminalize escorts and other forms of erotic business. You would think wrong. Prostitution is sort of legal in Lebanon but something feels off. It looks like the authorities regulate prostitution but they haven’t issued any permits since 1975. They’re winging it. They leave it alone and see what happens. Like they’re thinking about changing things up but it’s at the bottom of the to-do-list of important matters. It is a country of religious belief but it also a country of corrupt officials. Refugees that have been known for seeking help in Lebanon for decades have also been victims of human traffic. It is still an issue, especially considering the current state of affairs. There is no shortage of scum preying on vulnerable women seeking shelter from war. Still, there are troves of young girls looking to immigrate to Lebanon and willingly sign contracts that allow them to work in the sex business. Their passports being confiscated are an entirely different matter.

Escort in Beirut putting on stockingsMongering in Beirut must sound like a bit of a hustle, but it’s not that bad. The scene is actually akin to the European one. It is “the Paris of Middle East” after all. The online escort scene in Beirut requires a cautious approach. Many sites seem to be operated by agencies, often in hands of Russian owners who see no problems in “borrowing” photos from others. Most of the time you even do not have to use reverse image search in Google, Yandex or TinEye to fish out the fake pictures. Luxury Escorts in Lebanon (, Escort Service Beirut ( and Lebanon Escorts ( appear to be decent ones. You can expect escorts from Syria, Lebanon, a handful of girls from Africa and - surprisingly or not - a large number of Eastern European escorts. As so often is the case in the Mediterranean countries most of the call girls are flying in from Russia and Ukraine. An hour can cost anything between $100 and $200.

Stunning Lebanese girl smoking shisha in Beirut night club

Beirut's vibrant nightlife scene offers great opportunities to mingle with local beauties, including part-time working girls

Most of the sex business in Beirut happens on the streets and in clubs. As the licenses are no longer issued, people run their brothel game in so-called super night clubs. Those are nightclubs where men can get in touch with sex workers, some even rent out backstage rooms. Is this legal? Not at all. Is it tolerated? Very much so. But it’s not just that, girls generally work in “the field”. It’s not uncommon to come across a pair of prostitutes chilling out at a mall, with a gorilla of a pimp keeping an eye from a distance. Same thing is with regular bars, clubs and streets. Hamra is the area to roam if you’re browsing for some action. A decent looking streetwalker can charge you as low as $50 for full service.

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