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Offering escort services in Abu Dhabi is illegal and punishable by absurd fines or/and imprisonment. It’s also widely spread and almost as popular as camel beauty contests. The scope is large enough for UAE and Abu Dhabi to gain notoriety as sex business capital of the Middle East. It is mostly based on foreign girls on tourist visas but human traffic is also a serious issue in the region. They don’t really meet any international standards when it comes to that. Girls from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa have been known to be shipped to UAE like counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags. Let’s be straight, most girls come to Abu Dhabi because of the fat stacks of cash that everyone carries around. The way I see it is that some come thinking they’ll find a rich husband. Some come looking for sugar daddies. And some decide they can make a luxurious living without attaching any strings. Those become escorts in Abu Dhabi.

Asian escort with red hair in Abu Dhabi

Asian women represent a large share within the escorts population of Abu Dhabi

Some of those girls advertise online, but it can be tricky as the government quickly blocks any naughty internet activity. Sometimes escort websites are still operational but their access will be blocked by the local authorities if you would try to visit such sites while being in the UAE. In such situations you are recommended to install some VPN programme on your device. VPN services and applications like HideMyAss will enable you to hide your real IP address and use an IP address of another country. So when you would be in Abu Dhabi you can pretend you are still home when browsing online. Sites that somehow remain operational can be counted on one hand. Escort Abu Dhabi ( is a directory with an impressive selection of mostly Asian escorts. Sexo Abu Dhabi ( is another one with a more varied stable of escorts. There are a few escort agencies in Abu Dhabi, but they need to frequently change their addresses. Try Dubai Beauties ( and Abu Dhabi Escorts 69 ( while you can. It’s hard to put a price tag on these girls, but they usually start at $200 per hour. Many escort girls and agencies active in the UAE use fake or outdated pictures. So try to retrieve selfies or request a video call if you smell something fishy. You can also do some online research with help of reverse image search. TinEye (, a special reverse image search programme, and reverse image search options of Google and Yandex Search can be of great help.

There are no red lights districts, nor any real brothels. The authorities not only have their paws on the Internet but they also monitor the streets, which means most of the action has to happen under the radar. You can find some older Asian or African ladies looking to squeeze a few bucks from construction workers. And there are also small packs of streetwalkers operating around Hamdan Str. It’s a bit of a risk to openly prostitute yourself in Abu Dhabi. Women are literally getting stoned for that. It’s just not worth it. So only the most desperate and impoverished ladies resort to streetwalking. Then there’s the blackmail and African scam artists (

Girl in fishnet stockings on high heels in Abu Dhabi bar

Escorts and gold diggers are fishing for wealthty locals and expats in Abu Dhabi's bars, night clubs and hotel lobbies

I trust that is not what we’re looking for. The scorching-hot gold diggers are what we want, right? Those hang around the best clubs, bars and hotel lobbies of Abu Dhabi. Most of the good spots are located around the Corniche promenade, some at the Hamdan Str. I’m sure a concierge at your hotel will direct you towards the action. Hooking up on Tinder is also an option. Girls at clubs and bars are usually cheaper than escorts in Abu Dhabi but $200 is still the bare minimum.

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