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Escorts in Vladivostok are exactly what you’d expect from Russia’s main city in the Far East. Money keeps flowing into the city. The Chinese are building a huge casino complex. And where there’s gambling, escort services in Vladivostok follow close behind. Prostitution is illegal in Russia, but so is political corruption and both are doing more than fine. Variety is the name of the game here. You have access to girls from all the former Soviet countries. That means two continents worth of races and attitudes. Stereotypical blue-eyed blondes through dignified Persian beauties to mysterious Chinese stunners. As you can expect from a city so far east, there is a dazzling number of working girls with Asian features. Not to mention that everything is cheap here. See where I’m going with this? Vladivostok could very well become one of the premier sex tourism destinations.

Beautiful Asian escort girl from Vladivostok

Vladivostok might be your perfect travel destination if mysterious Oriental beauties are right up your alley

You might need to sift through a bunch of sites when looking for online escorts in Vladivostok. The language barrier is real and fake profiles are everywhere. Try your luck with Russian Escorts (, Vladivostok Escort ( or HotXXX ( Russian Queen ( is a professional-looking agency with a variety of escort services in Vladivostok. That’s it; an hour will cost you anything between $70 and $200.

Stunning blonde Russian girl in park in Vladivostok

Many working girls in Vladivostok roam the parks and the bay area

Street prostitution is a big deal in Vladivostok. Illegal as it is, the hookers are threatened only with a laughable fine, if that. Warm summer nights are especially busy around the port and downtown Vladivostok. Novoivanovskaya Street, parks, and the bay district can get crowded with working girls after dark. Don’t expect the highest quality of streetwalkers around these parts. That kind of desperation will cost you around $15, maybe less. I’d rather look for freelancers at the Tigre de Cristal Hotel & Resort just outside of the city. Brothels are still common, like in most post-Soviet countries. They’re located in random studio apartments and advertise by word of mouth. The girls are slightly above the streetwalker quality but don’t expect too much.

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