Erotic masseuses & salons from Rotterdam

Rotterdam erotic massage

Erotic massage parlors in Rotterdam aren’t anything extraordinary. In most Rotterdam based erotic massage studios you will find a bunch of Asian girls in skimpy outfits that provide different types of massage with usually a happy ending. Especially if you include a tip you can count on a decent hand-job at the end of the session Prices start at €30 - €60 per hour, not including the tips for extras on the side. Rotterdam and also The Hague have a fair number of Thai massage salons. Before you go there check via their site and reviews what kind of services are possible. Usually you can tell from their website whether more than the traditional Thai massage is on the menu.

Rotterdam has a fair amount of Thai massage salons that do not necessarily provide for erotic services

As is the case in all big cities in the Netherlands, the number of Chinese massages salons in Rotterdam has exploded. These are often tiny and a bit shady studios that officially offer Asian health treatments. But they have the reputation to offer also spicier stuff on the side.

Many brothels, escort agencies and independent escorts claim to have also erotic massage on the menu. It seems everyone is a certified massage therapist these days. Massage Salon 93 ( at 's-Gravendijkwal 93 is one of the more interesting looking ones in Rotterdam with a few good looking masseuses babes. But In my humble opinion, you might be better off by hooking up with one of the escort girls who also have erotic massage on the menu. At least you know what you’re paying for from the start.

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