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Escorts in Christchurch has got to be one of the most unholy phrases ever looked up on the internet. Contrary to its conservative name, local government is very liberal when it comes to Christchurch escorts. Everything is legal, as long as you’re not forcing a person into prostitution. Revolutionary approach, every country should follow their example. Crime rates down, public safety and taxes up, what’s there not to like? It used to be a little bit different, more like everywhere else with illegal brothels and stuff. But then they noticed that the majority of massage parlours operated as actual brothels. That’s when New Zealand decided to simply legalize everything. Smart move. Expect brothels, street prostitutes, online escorts in Christchurch, red-light districts, erotic massage salons, anything you can think of. What a delightful perversion of this city’s name.

Chinese escort in white lace, covered under white blankets in Christchurch

As in other New Zealand cities, there is a large presence of Chinese and other Asian women in the local sex industry

It’s a pleasure to write about a city where escorts in Christchurch don’t wholly dominate sex business like everywhere else. That doesn’t mean that Christchurch escort services are lacking. You got the big dogs - the national directory sites - such as New Zealand Girls (, NZ Pleasures ( and Simple Escorts ( Smaller, local escort agencies in Christchurch are often linked to erotic massage studios like La Girls ( Executive Girls ( is yet another example. I could go on like this for hours. Oh wait, I almost forgot about Sex in NZ ( definitely one of the best classifieds sites I’ve ever seen. As you could expect from this region of the world: Chinese and other Asian working girls are available in high numbers. The spread is also quite large when it comes to prices; $80 for an hour was the cheapest I’ve seen, but there really is no price ceiling.

There’s a curious thing about brothels in Christchurch. Girls choose to work on the streets instead of brothels. Why? Flexible hours and better pay mostly, but they also claim that they actually feel safer on the streets. Imagine that. There are also laws in place that prevent brothels in Christchurch from advertising, so don’t expect anything similar to Auckland. You’ll have to ask around, or just go to one of many erotic massage parlors in Christchurch. There is a red-light district here, though it’s more of a safe, monitored area for streetwalkers. It’s a small square around Manchester street, don’t expect too much.

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