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There are not an overwhelming number of escorts in Oslo, at least not out in the open. Escort services and other prostitution are illegal but decriminalized in Norway. Selling sexual services is all right, but paying for sexual services is not. Sex money is dirty money, but prostitutes still need to pay taxes. It doesn’t make much sense and is quite surprising for such a developed country. They’re even bashing online advertisements lately. I understand why sex workers in Oslo complain about the lack of dialogue with the government. Left-wing parties have been trying to legalize brothels since 2016 but they haven’t achieved much. All these factors have caused any action to be extremely expensive and hard to find.

Touring escort girl in Oslo

Despite all efforts of the Norwegian authorities to shut down online escort promotion many girls advertise via directory sites

I assume they are having trouble shutting down online ads of escorts in Oslo because of these convoluted regulations. There are some really good escort directories that cover most Scandinavian countries. Check Real Escort ( out, or Norway Escort Zone ( Escort 46 ( is an alternative with a selection of mature ladies. Most independent escorts are not domestic but come from Latin America, Asia and especially Mediterranean and Eastern European countries. Many do international city tours and stay only a few days in a hotel or rented apartment in downtown Oslo. Others live on a more permanent basis In Oslo and have a circle of trusted and local customers whom they meet regularly. Escort agencies in Oslo are a tricky matter; they’re probably easier to track and shut down. It’s not a very stable branch of the business; those sites come and go on a daily basis. Oslo Escort ( somehow seems to hang in there. It is difficult to put an average price tag. Norway is a wealthy country and it certainly affects the average price level. In general escorts in Oslo will cost you upwards from €200 per hour.

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Street prostitution in Oslo: only if you are a thrill seeker and do not mind outrageous high fines when being caught red handed

I don’t say this often but streetwalkers are a viable option, due to lack of brothels. There is no red light district but working girls hang around Karl Johans Gate, the central area of the city. Most girls originate from Eastern Europe and Africa and they tend to behave rather pushy and impatient. Tourists complain about getting swarmed by hookers at least half a dozen times when going out for drinks. Drug dealers can also be a pain in the ass, approaching random people and trying to sell them drugs. Stay safe. Prostitutes can cost €300 for full service, which is a bit over the top. And it can get even worse. Mind that there are undercover cops patrolling those streets. They can slap you with a €3500 fine if they catch you paying for nookie. Mongering in Oslo is a mix of an escape room, extreme sports, and a spy movie: definitely not for the faint of heart.

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