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Working as an escort in Sochi is a popular, but somewhat problematic occupation. I bet touring call girls in Sochi are making a small fortune during season. It’s a different story outside of those few months a year. It’s not exactly a dead resort, but its location is a bit remote. Sochi is also not very well known to international tourists. The Winter Olympics was a huge opportunity for sex workers in Sochi to build a client base and reputation. How does it look now that those events are a thing of the past? Prostitution is still illegal and Russia is still a famously corrupt country. Sochi itself is unbelievably sexualized. Naturally, as it’s their only seaside resort packed with horny people.

For meeting independent escorts in Sochi Russian escort directories and classifieds are the way to go

Finding online escorts in Sochi is not easy. At least not for non-Russian speaking clients. Most websites are in Cyrillic and who can even read that? The ones you can easily google are often malware-ridden data theft schemes. Digging through garbage takes effort, but it’s worth it. Prostitutki v Sochi ( is a directory with an impressively large selection of escorts in Sochi. Lady Dogusochi ( is another very respectable directory. Sochinki ( is more of the same. The market is clearly dominated by directories and independent escorts in Sochi. Agencies like Escort Sochi ( are few and aimed towards the elite clientele. Those employ seriously gorgeous girls and there are lot of them. Even classifieds sites like Bandaga ( have mind-blowing Russian escorts listed with them

The Sochi hotel bars and lobbies, as well as the local beach clubs provide excellent opportunities to meet up with freelance working girls

There is no real red-lights district in Sochi. You can however find some those hidden apartment brothels. You’ll have to ask around about those. Taxi drivers are always a good source of information. The sub-standard streetwalkers hanging around the usual train station area are another option. Upper scale freelance talent often hangs out in bars and clubs around the main seaside promenade. Certain hotel lobbies are also crowded with girls. Phone calls directly to your hotel room are common here. They wake you up in the middle of the night asking if you want company. Prices are very reasonable (in my opinion): two hours with a really hot escort are about €100. Keep in mind that it can get twice as pricey during the season.

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