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Escort services in Budva should be a rapidly growing business as the resort gains in popularity. If only it was regulated. See, escorts in Budva can’t advertise; buying sex is legal but prostitution isn’t. Imagine you’re trying to sell strawberries, but you can’t tell anyone how fresh and juicy they are. Not to mention the city is almost dead when it’s not in season. Some ex-pats will tell you that there’s zero action, others will tell you there’s less than zero action. Surprising, isn’t it? Topless dancers are a common sight, but there aren’t many hookers. The influence of conservative family and religious values is strong in the former Yugoslavian countries, which makes this part of the Balkan far from a mongering paradise.

Budva escort in brown leather armchair

The Budva escorts scene is rather underwhelming

Most local girls will go abroad to work as touring escort or girl in a club or brothel in order to stay on a safe distance from their social circles. A real shame, because Montenegrin women are gorgeous. Also mind that Montenegrins, just like Serbians, belong to the tallest people in the world. So if you are into slim and leggy ladies you have come to the right place.

The number of online escorts in Budva is depressing at best. You will find some girls on international escort “mills”, but there’s no such thing as local escort agencies. You’re better off taking a cab to the capital. Podgorica is 60 kilometres away. Booking a girl from, let’s say, Podgorica Escorts ( and having her drive to Budva should also be possible. If you manage to find some working girl expect to pay around €100 for an hour of fun.

Montenegrin girl drinking a blue cocktail in a Budva club

The girls partying in Budva's clubs and bars are great eye candy but don't count on any freelance escorts

“This is a mongers paradise!” you’d think while walking the promenade. It’s not. All these hot girls are there to lure you inside the bars and clubs. Don’t get your hopes up. It’s just eye candy and these stunners are no hookers. The promenade is no red-light district by any chance. There’s like this inner circle of freelance touring escorts and hidden brothels. It’s all allegedly reserved for rich Russians. The language barrier is huge and you need to know people who know people. You might get lucky with regular partygoers and spend a night with a local girl or female tourist for free. Or… you could maybe chat someone up at one of the naturist beaches.

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