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You can laugh all you want at the love museums or penis sculpture parks Seoul is hosting but it’s a cultural thing. In Seoul escorts and other sex workers are all around since Koreans are very open when it comes to sex. So open that it became a national crisis, combined with their drinking habits. Men in large cities like Seoul got smashed and paid for sex on a daily basis. Not only men! Reports state that 1 in 10 brothel clients was a woman, 1 in 5 is a senior citizen. The Seoul government decided it needed to cut this madness short. 2004 was the year that prostitution was deemed illegal and in 2007 they banned sex tourism. Getting caught buying or selling sex can get you sent to a “John School”. It’s like a facility when they strap you down and play movies about bad sides of prostitution. Literal brainwashing. The impact the ban had on the business was minimal and they’re still going strong. It evolved even further with Seoul opening up to the western population and expats.

Two Korean escort girls cuddling in Seoul

In Seoul you choose from all nationalities when booking an escort; bear in mind that local girls might not always be open to meetings with a foreigner

Nowadays you can hook up with escorts from all over the world in Seoul. European girls, South Americans, obvious Asians, African women; the choice is yours. Keep in mind that local escorts can choose to decline service to foreigners. Candy Shop ( is one of the cooler escort agencies in Seoul. I like their marketing, aesthetics and a selection of busty Korean babes. Grand Seoul ( and Chic Seoul ( are up the same alley. Kitty Ads ( usually has at least a few dozen classifieds in Seoul too. There are a few independent escorts with their own websites like KoreanGFE ( or Hwang Hwang ( Directories aren’t very popular in Seoul, aside from your usual worldwide giants. Expect to pay at least $200 for an hour.

Korean prostitutes in Hooker Hill, Seoul's red light district

Hooker Hill in Itaewon is the most infamous red light district of Seoul

Red light districts in countries with illegal prostitution are usually ghost towns. That isn’t the case with Seoul and the infamous Hooker Hill in Itaewon. There used to be an American military base nearby and the GIs sure enjoyed their free time with Korean hookers. It’s not as packed as it used to be but you can still find some action. They even have a bit of that window prostitution there: I don’t understand how it works legally. Don’t count on it being cheap; a quickie can cost you easily $150. You can haggle…if you know Korean, but the girls are still apprehensive towards foreigners. There are a few brothels in Seoul, but they’re mostly tucked away in private apartments.

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