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Finding paid sex in Tel Aviv is easier than you’d imagine, considering it’s the Middle East. Although new Israeli laws criminalize buyers of sex services, the enforcement is laughable and escort business in Tel Aviv is flourishing. Brothels are illegal but are tons of them all over the place. Sex business is so common there that finding an agency open at 10 in the morning is as easy as having breakfast; it’s become a part of this city’s lifestyle. Escorts are still the easiest and most convenient way of mongering, just sit back in your hotel room and make a call. There are many girls with ties to agencies but also independents advertising online. Since it’s Israel - haggling is a thing - getting the price down to 2/3rd of the initial value is definitely possible. I do not say this often but do not let yourself discouraged by the original sky-high hour prices they often put on their sites. Escort bureau Angelina ( offers a selection of VIP escorts in Tel Aviv, Jaffa and surrounding areas. They promise their customers to take the escort experience to another level with their “Ultimate” companions, a notch about your regular “Premium” kind.

Eastern European escort in Tel Aviv apartment

Many escort agencies in Tel Aviv employ girls from Russia and Ukraine

Tel Aviv has a large population of (Jewish) people originating from the former Soviet-Union. This typical feature is also reflected in the local escorts scene. Beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women, who are gifted by nature, try to make a career in modelling and sometimes escorting as well. There is a large supply of Slavic ladies, varying from glamorous VIP escorts to university student type of girls, who can receive guests in their apartments or can be booked for a hotel visit. Elite Israel Escort ( is an agency that has obviously a huge number of Eastern-European escort companions in its portfolio and its site has even a Russian language version. The girls look stunning and frankly spoken almost too good to be true. Be prepared that agencies in Tel Aviv use often fake model photos. It’s a common thing in the escorts scene world wide and certainly not only goes for Tel Aviv or Russian owned agencies in general. That does not mean that the ladies they are going to send are looking less pretty than the ones on the photo and there could be even a lot of resemblance. However, better be safe then sorry. Always try asking for selfies/current photos before sealing the deal. You could also use the reverse image search function of search engines. Google and especially the Russian search machine Yandex Search will often give hits when an image used by other (escort) sites. The Canadian reverse image search tool TinEye ( is also a great tool in that regard. Some independent escorts choose to advertise their services on popular portals such as Sex Eden ( where you can find all sorts of working girls including porn actresses, she-males and other niches.

Street prostitution in Tel Aviv is centred around the old bus station (Neve Shaanan). Sadly enough the street hookers business is mainly controlled by crime syndicates, which are notorious for human trafficking and exploitation of women from Eastern Europe. The police is most likely paid off, since they don’t even bother the prostitutes. There is also a high chance of getting scammed and robbed in that so-called unofficial red lights district. A quickie with a streetwalker will cost you around €50-60 if you still think it’s a good idea. All the filthy, underground brothels are located in the same area and prices are more or less the same. The women working in these shady bordellos are usually impoverished, young moms that struggle to make a living the normal way.

Girl smoking hookah in Tel Aviv night club

Tel Aviv night clubs are swarmed by stunning local ladies

I would definitely stick to escorts in Tel Aviv. And if you do not wish to pay or cannot afford the prices, which are definitely at the high end of the market there is always the vibrant local nightlife scene. Especially when you have game and luck at your side you might end up with a local cutie. Especially the never sleeping Florentine district and the clubs, cafes and restaurants around the Rothschild Boulevard offer excellent opportunities to meet party-minded local ladies or tourists. Some evergreens with good potentials in that respect are Radio EPGB, Suramare, Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar, Aria Lounge, Dizzy Frishdon, Drama, Kuli Alma, Foster, K Bar and Pasáž.

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