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Escorts in St. Julian’s and on Malta in general can do their job in a legal way. Brothels, human trafficking and abuse are a no-go according the local laws. The history of prostitution on the island is quite funny and relatable. The oldest occupation was there long before the Crusaders stepped in. When the Knights Hospitaller arrived they weren’t happy about the presence of the infernal temptresses. “Eeew, begone whores!” they shouted with disgust and went on to establish the new capital in Valletta. Prostitutes followed and the Crusaders sort of warmed up to them and allowed them in. They had to wear particular clothing but they weren’t all that “eeew” anymore. Men of cloth forgot about chastity vows and sexually transmitted diseases began to spread among them. Inquisitors were being caught with girls all over the place. It continued throughout the French and British occupations. The business thrived during the time when Malta acted as one huge hospital for war veterans. If there’s one thing that can make a man get back on his feet…

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Escorts in St. Julians come from Eastern Europe, Latin America and even the Middle East

The girls are still hard at work, especially in St. Julian’s where the nightlife is the most prominent on the island. Online escorts in St. Julian’s aren’t much of a thing, there is a bit of a presence but girls mostly tour during the season. Sexo Malta ( is the best local directory site around with impressive numbers of profiles of independent escorts and the vast majority of these call girls operate from St. Julian’s. Many escorts active on Malta come from Russia, but also Latin American escort girls are well represented. Due to its location the isle is also a popular hub for touring girls from the Middle East and North Africa. So you might stumble upon the rare species of Arab escorts as well. Malta Girls ( is another pretty good, although somewhat empty classifieds site. An hour with one of the premium babes will cost you around €150-200. Surprisingly or not, there’s also a huge online presence of transsexual escorts on Malta, predominantly of Latin origin.

There is no real red light district in St. Julian’s. You might find a brothel here and there, hidden in some kind of an apartment but it’s shady and risky business. Street prostitution is also practically dead. There are freelance working girls roaming around Paceville at night looking for clients in bars and pubs. You will stumble into a few Asian girls, some locals but mostly you will notice Eastern European women scouting the local scene. It’s hard to put a price on that crowd but forget about anything cheaper than €50 for a blowjob. Keep in mind that it’s a very small city so don’t expect an overwhelming offer of ladies.

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