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Chile legalized divorce in 2004. DIVORCE. That’s how conservative this country is. Then you look around and all you see are butts in miniskirts, legs for days. Hypocrisy? Maybe. I blame (praise) the Hispanic blood. They attend mass on Sunday morning and hit the brothels after lunch. Escorts in Santiago can’t complain about a lack of work. Prostitution outside of brothels is legal. Santiago escorts need to get registered with the National Health Service. Make sure you ask about their license. Sex workers are required to have those. But the police and local authorities are so corrupt that most girls just don’t care. Even cafes are sexualized in Santiago. Café con piernas are something between a coffee shop and a hostess club. Picture waitresses wearing skimpy clothing with older men being the main client base. The most hardcore cafes have girls in Brazilian bikinis and security guards outside.

Online escorts services in Santiago are immensely popular. There are countless websites with thousands of escorts to pick from. There’s El Silencio ( an agency with escorts in Santiago, but also in the nearby ocean-side resorts. Linda Escorts ( is an escorts directory with amazing photos and a wide selection of hot babes. Relaxchile ( is another local directory with dozens of lovely bimbos. Chicas ( is a webcam girl site, but they also have a stable of escorts in Santiago. Prices range from anything between $50 and $200 for an hour and that’s with some proper hot escorts.

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There is an overwhelming online presence of escorts in Santiago

Street and freelance prostitution spread across Santiago. Some people count Barrio Lastarria as a red-light district. Truth is, it’s just an area with a few sex shops and cabaret clubs. It surely is naughty, but nothing over the top. Providencia might be the only district with somewhat of a concentration of freelancers. That’s the area where you can also find Barrio Bellavista: the heart of bohemian Santiago. You might see some streetwalkers around. You might get approached at a bar, but it’s not very common. Hooking up with a good-looking girl for $50 is definitely possible.  

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