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Vienna striptease and erotic night clubs

In addition to the regular striptease and gentlemen clubs you can find in every European capital there is another club variant in Vienna (Wien in German) which most adult pleasure seekers will know from Germany: sauna clubs, aka FFF (Frei Körper Kultur) clubs. Austrians just as the Swiss adopted the best invention in history from their German neighbours: sex saunas!

Three strippers in Vienna striptease club

Vienna offers much more erotic club entertainment than regular striptease clubs

There’s nothing better than relaxing in a room full of steam next to a couple of hot prostitutes, or is there? Fresh Sauna ( at Triester Straße 218 is also notorious for the gangbang events it is organizing on regular basis. Even on the non-gangbang-days entrance to this renowned establishment will only cost you €69, which includes half an hour of service with the girl you fancy.

Goldentime ( at Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1 is probably the best-known FKK club in Vienna. They might not offer the gangbang nights but they do have an in-house strip and nightclub. And most important: many girls frequenting this club to hook up with the male guests look spectacular.

Couple sipping wine in jacuzzi of Vienna FKK club

FKK sauna clubs in Vienna: stunning girls, luxurious ambiance and free food and drinks

Exzess (, situated at the Heiligenstädter Straße 6, is a family-run whorehouse that has just about everything: table top dancers, boats of booze, sauna and cosy rooms upstairs. Vienna is a great place for a city break. And who would ever thought that a city, which is so fond of traditions, can be so liberal and open-minded when it comes to prostitution and adult entertainment?

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