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Brussels is a popular destination for upscale escorts to hook up with businessmen looking to blow off some steam. Like in most of the developed countries prostitution in Brussels is perfectly legal, even though the government thoroughly monitors and punishes any signs of pimping or illegal human traffic. There are huge online catalogues of escorts who are living in Brussels permanently or are just hopping over for a couple of days or weeks. Especially in the Schuman and Ixelles areas of Brussels there are some apartment hotels which do not have a reception desk and which provide optimal privacy to ladies and customers. SLA is the Dutch word for salad, but it could also be a perfect abbreviation for describing the escorts population in BXL which can be seen as a mixed salad consisting or Slavic, Latin and African women. Most independent and agency escorts, who are on international tours, often students, come from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and other Baltic countries, Poland and Czech Republic. But there is also a huge amount of Latinas active as sex workers in Brussels. Brussels has a large Brazilian community, so it is not surprising that many ladies from Brazil work from private apartments or work on the streets.

Touring escort in Brussels airport

Brussels: a city that is immensly popular with touring escorts

If transsexuals and shemales are your cup of tea you will probably end up with a Brazilian or other Latina. Since the former Zaire was a Belgian colony, Brussels traditionally has a large Congolese community. Many of them live in the Matonge district of Brussels, which has also vibrant nightlife scene with African flavors.

The escort scene in Brussels is pretty vibrant too and is quite upscale. Prices for incall and outcall meetings are comparable to cities as London and Paris and most VIP call girls won’t even pick up their phone for less than €200. Agency girls will cost you at least this price since they need to share the revenues with the bureau owner. A popular agency that always has girls residing in apartment hotels in both center and the EU (Ixelles and Schuman) areas and which is already on the market quite some time is Escort of Belgium ( Almost all of their escorts who are touring to Brussels on regular basis are young attractive Russian or Ukrainian girls. Some independent girls will have their own website, but most of them will post their profiles on Belgian and international escort directories. ( and Quartier Rouge (, which has also a Dutch equivalent: Redlights (, are popular advertisement platforms for independent call girls and agency girls operating from Brussels.

The golden rule - as always - is that the more stunning and glamorous a girl looks, the more you should be on guard. Divine Girls ( has a section Verified escorts which suggest the lady has put genuine images in her profile. But in order to be on the safe side, you also should look around for reviews if a date with a lady you fancy would be worth every penny. In the French speaking communities Youppie ( is an immense popular forum site with tons of reviews on escorts and other sex workers in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and even Germany and the Netherlands. And even here there is always chance that reviews are posted and made up by an escort girl herself, her pimp or an agency owner.

The Brussels’ red light district around the Northern railway station, Gare du Nord is quite different from its equivalent in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam de atmosphere on De Wallen can come close to that of a family entertainment amusement park and has become a major attraction for tourists who not rarely stroll with their whole family along the red illuminated windows. In Brussels however the atmosphere can be more edgy and dodgy. At nights when large group of loud youngsters fill up the Rue d’Aerschot and connected streets near Gare du Nord it can even feel unpleasant and unsafe. There are reports of robbery and pick pocking but there are also police surveillances and when you are cautious you will be usually fine.

Brussels prostitute in red light district waiting for clients in

The red light district in Brussels around Gare du Nord has working girls from all over the workd

The window girls also come from all over the world, some small streets and alleys are dominated by African women while some other sections are mainly populated by European girls, especially from Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. The brothels are usually a labyrinth of rooms. Some venues have little bar in the frontend, where customers can drink a beer to become more brave and laidback before accepting the invitation of a lady to spend some private time with her. Once inside do not always count on a bed since some rooms are so tiny that only a bench will fit in. Taking a shower afterwards a short but sweaty session is usually not part of the deal but there are some refreshment facilities. Inside you will usually meet up with a madam, an older Belgian lady whose job is to keep everything tidy and clean, and who will expect a little tip from you. This in addition to the €40-€50 you can anticipate to pay for a 15-20 minutes session.

Brussels has a lot of street action as well. During evenings on Brussels’ most expensive shopping street Avenue Louise you will notice many girls, dressed to kill, waiting in front of the business and tourist hotels in this area.

Prostitutes walking the streets in Brussels

Brussels centre has several areas where prostitutes roam the streets

Rue des Commercants (in Dutch Koopliedenstraat) is a large avenue between Gare du Nord and the centre. The street name meaning “merchants” means very well with the commercial activities at evenings when the area is packed with sometimes really attractive streetwalkers. You can take them to one of the nearby short-stay or love hotels for as little as €50.

Another famous or should we say notorious zone for street prostitution is the nearby area around the Rue de Laeken (in Dutch Lakensestraat). Around the Royal Flemish Theatre and further up towards the Rue des Commercants you will see many street hookers, mainly from Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and other Balkan countries. In addition to the usual Eastern European crowds there are also many South American ladies, often from the shemale or transsexuals department. Anticipate that before action starts you will also have to pay (at least €30) for using a room in the love hotels nearby. Brussels has a lot of such places with such rendez-vous rooms. Almost next to the European Parliament on Rue du Parnasse (Parnassustraat) 38 in Ixelles you will find Studio l’Intime where you can rent fully equipped rooms for intimate moments.

Sex doll of Brussels brothel

Lifelike sex dolls as substitute for human escorts

When you do not care so much about flesh and blood you can also give it a try with Belgium’s first sex dolls brothel. Dolls (, which labels itself as Belgium’s Premium Sex Doll House is at a discreetly located spot in Northern Brussels. The lifelike dolls are made of TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomere) and have three usable openings as the website puts it quite directly. Prices start at €50 per 30 minutes and the dolls are thoroughly cleaned after each session. The initiator and owner of the dolls bordello is a former director of a cleaning company so you can rest assured that the hygiene is top notch.

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