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Striptease clubs on Cyprus are a grey area, especially in the northern parts of the island. That said; there are a few with decent reviews. Biyax Club ( at 14 Manolya Sokak is probably the best striptease club on the entire island. Good reputation, high-class interiors and “highly-qualified staff” and a very real possibility of taking one of the dancers back to your hotel, are the main selling points of most clubs around Nicosia. Playboy is a similar strip club.

Stripper around the pole in Nicosia striptease cub

For a small island Cyprus does not really fall short of striptease clubs

Many striptease clubs in and around Nicosia don’t even have proper addresses or websites, but they’re located on the road west, outside of the city. There are literally 50 strip clubs on Cyprus, which is a ridiculous high number considering how small the island is. But you should ask yourself whether you should put all your bets on strip clubs when going out on Cyprus. Don’t forget that there are beaches everywhere, beach parties, regular clubs, and bars when you can meet hundreds of international women looking to have a bit of fun. Cyprus is the perfect summer destination for single men.

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