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I imagine Luxembourg as this snobbish multi-layered society. Like they dismiss the idea of prostitution during their piano concerts while drinking €500 cocktails. Then they go home and every other duke or count has escort services in Luxembourg on speed-dial. I think they’re all into watching the super freaky stuff while stroking their Van Dyke beards. Legalities are weird when it comes to prostitution in Luxembourg. The customer is the one committing the crime in the eyes of law. I find this model strange because it assumes that all prostitutes are victims. So what about escorts in Luxembourg’s capital? It specifically says that the client commits crime when buying sex from a minor or “vulnerable individual”. I think it leaves a lot of room for misunderstandings. On the other hand, they do have a bit of a sex trafficking problem so I suppose it’s justified.

Go for online escorts in Luxembourg City if you’re afraid of breaking the law. I rarely see escorts advertising online who are looking like a “vulnerable individual”. Sens Highclass Escort ( has several local and touring girls in their roster. Escorts 69 ( is a massive directory with over 6000 escorts. That’s pretty huge for such a small city and country. Check BeneluXXX ( for even more independent escorts. Even local classifieds like Viva ( are packed with escort ads. I’m pretty sure some of those photos are fake though. Do a reverse image search in Google, Yandex or TinEye to check veracity of pictures. Asking the lady to send you a selfie or requesting a video call before planning a date can also help to avoid nasty surprises.

Slavic escort in Luxembourg City putting on sexy shoes

Luxembourg's capital might be small but is also very wealthy and a popular touring destination with escorts, especially amongst girls from Central and Eastern Europe

Many escorts touring to Luxembourg’s capital are Russian and Ukrainian ladies with the usual glamorous looks. Often these are young girls and students who do escorting on the side. The real independent and autonomous ones promote their services on Instagram or Twitter or put their profiles on directory sites. But the majority of the girls have a kind of a contract with agencies that organize city tours to Luxemburg and nearby countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands. Usually local authorities that fight human trafficking will focus on such networks since the chances are bigger that “vulnerable individuals” are involved. On the other hand there will also be agencies that care about their reputation and treat their employees in a very respectable way. And let’s not forget that some girls prefer others to take care of visas, travel and accommodation arrangements when going abroad. For a consumer of escort services it is usually hard to find out what is happening behind the schemes. There could only be small signs indicating human trafficking or other abusive practices. Just following your guts feeling is usually the best way when filtering out the good ones. In case you have serious doubts just pull out, or even better notify (anonymously) the authorities when you think something’s really stinking.

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Around Luxembourg City's train station you can usually come across some street walkers

There is no proper red light district in Luxembourg City, but you can find some action around the train station. You know the deal with train station action. It’s the “vulnerable individuals” area. Brothels are definitely a no-go in the capital. It’s just not that kind of a city.

Ville Haute and Rue de Hollerich to the south are where you look for freelance working girls frequenting the local bars and clubs. Do not underestimate the party side of Luxembourg’s capital. As a business traveller visiting Luxemburg so now and then for a conference I can assure the city’s nightlife is much better than most people tend to think. Thanks to the traditionally low taxes and business favourable liberal regulations Luxembourg has become the home to the headquarters of many multinationals and banks. Many people are well off and can afford a good bottle of champagne and other ingredients to throw a good party. As a consequence of its neutral status Luxembourg has also become the seat of several international institutions such as the EU Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank, to name just a few. So there is a very international vibe in the city and naturally the expats and businessmen need to blow off some steam after all the hard work. The city might not be another Monaco or Dubai but still provides good opportunities for gold diggers and freelance working girls to hook up with wealthy locals and foreigners. Popular bars and clubs are where the 10/10 babes look for a good time. Keep in mind that some ladies are world-class hot stuff. Don’t be surprised if you get charged €500 for an hour.

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