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Working as an escort in Shanghai is illegal but shockingly common, just like any other forms of prostitution. Some people even call it the dark secret of China’s economic success. There are estimates of 20 million prostitutes in China, so that’s possible. You may or may not be offered sex while getting your hair cut or shoes shined. Girls will call your 5* hotel room in the middle of the night offering their services. You will likely get stopped on the streets by groups of prostitutes. See that sex shop across the street? They’re actually selling sex there. Vending machines with dildos and panties. It’s ridiculous. There are entire networks. It’s like an ants nest. Chinese escorts communicate via BEEPERS! Most of you guys reading this are probably too young to even know what that is. Well, it’s iPhone’s great-grandfather. Crafty stuff and I guess probably impossible to track nowadays. Escorts and other working girls in Shanghai take a big risk because police often gather them up and I can assure you that Chinese law enforcers don’t screw around. “Custody and punishment” is a common penalty for prostitution in Shanghai. That means forced labour. The Chinese authorities like to stick to traditions after all.

Independent escort in Shanghai looking over the city's skyline

Many independent callgirls and escort agencies in Shanghai advertise online and can be contacted via WeChat

Many young and more educated escort girls advertise on online directory and classifieds sites. You can get in touch with them via WeChat, it’s the Chinese WhatsApp. Keep in mind that women in China often lack education due to gender inequality. So communicating in English might be a challenge for some of them, to say the least. Escorts from agencies such as Shanghai Outcall (, Shanghai Escorts ( are usually locals. When it comes to those local call girl agencies Shanghai Geisha ( is my absolute favourite. Try VIP Escort Deluxe ( and Abella Escorts ( if you want something else than Chinese “takeout”, I mean outcall.

The Russian girls dominate the other part of the online escort business in Shanghai, attracted by the wealth and business opportunities in one of the globe’s biggest cities. I personally know a young and beautiful lady who travels every month between St. Petersburg and Shanghai for “business”. There must be literally hundreds of those girls: slim and tall stunners, who appear to come straight from the catwalk or a glamorous TV show. They make long days and charge high prices so that can buy their own apartment and “retire” before they turn 40 or even earlier. Many girls are smart enough to organize their tours without the help of an agency. You can find their profiles on the international escort directory and classifieds sites. They usually pay for VIP ads, which are always cheaper than having to hand over high commissions to agency owners.

Some independent escorts have even their own sites or use Twitter or Instagram to announce their international tours and city trips. Tweets and Instagram posts, accompanied by glamorous poses at swimming pools and sipping cocktails in top-notch hotel lobby bars: you know all that stuff. While there might not be any Chinese escort directories in Shanghai, classifieds on China Daily ( are filled to the brim with gorgeous babes. Do not panic when you no longer can visit escort related sites, which were freely accessible when you checked from your home country. Chinese authorities monitor and ban permanently sites which they consider immoral or are infringing other local regulations. Get yourself a decent VPN program such as HideMyAss! (HMA) that can change your IP address. That way you can pretend you are outside Chinese territory. Can also come in handy when you want to check your Facebook account. But don’t get your hopes up too high: success is not guaranteed. Chinese are genius when it comes to designing digital firewalls and other online blocking techniques.

Chinese prostitute working in Shanghai's red light district

Shanghai has many red light zones including Chaojiadu, the biggest one and tolerated by the local authorities

As for prices: booking an escort in Shanghai will cost you around $200 per hour. European and other foreign elite call girls will charge even more and especially a dinner date can turn out to be a very pricy experience. Count on half of that in hair and massage salons and you can even get a sneaky hand job at a movie theatre for $12. Yes, that’s a thing. Chaojiadu is the official, government-backed red light district of Shanghai. Not the only one, obviously. It’s the largest city of China and one of the biggest on earth after all. There are at least 20 districts where you can easily find prostitutes. That includes Meilong, nicknamed “Prostitute City”, where you can find company for $100 and Nanhui, where you can get already laid for $10.

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