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Palma de Mallorca follows the Spanish laws and as such escort business is legal. Well, sort of. Streetwalking, brothels, and exploitation of women are definitely not allowed. When something isn’t regulated by the government, then people just assume that it’s allowed. And that’s exactly what happened on Mallorca. There are over 2000 reported escorts and other sex workers on that island. There is even an app that allows those women to contact a doctor from the Médicos del Mundo NGO for free health care. A huge influx of migrants from North Africa justifies that extra care but also shapes the state of the business on the island.

You can hardly go wrong with online escorts in Palma de Mallorca and I always felt this is the safest and the least stressful way of getting your groove on. Escort agencies such as Escort Girls Mallorca (, Escorts VIP Mallorca ( or Angels Mallorca ( are a good choice if you like to sort everything out with only one phone call. Online directories listing escorts in Palma de Mallorca such as Mallorca 69 ( and Sustitutas ( can provide good opportunities when you prefer to meet an independent call girl. It can be a bit more challenging to set a date, especially if the lady of your choice only speaks Spanish. But most girls speak some at least some basic English and you can find out by contacting them directly. Most escort girls advertising online can be contacted via Whatsap or Viber which makes communication much easier and straightforward than back in the old days with costly phone calls and sms messages abroad.

As always you should hope for the best but also be prepared for the worst. Following your guts feeling is usually the way to go. Remember that when a girl looks too good to be true there is real chance that she is using fake pictures or is a photo shop artist and is at least 10 years older or 20 kilograms heavier than her lovely profile picture suggest. Better safe then sorry: use some image reverse search machines (for instance TinEye) and try to verify the photos. Anyway, independent girls that advertise on local and national escort directories can be the real GFE deal if you are lucky. Compared to agency girls they often charge lower fees and they are usually honest about the services they offer while agency operators, while agencies tend to overpromise often.

Palma de Mallorca escort in golden bikini

Palma de Mallorca has a large population of escorts with roots in Latin-America

The escort scene on Mallorca is especially active during the tourist season when many girls, often from Russia and other Eastern European countries, arrive on the island. And as everywhere in Spain there is also a huge influx of Latin American girls trying their luck in the local paid sex scene. You will stumble upon many online profiles of hot babes from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela that hop over to Palma de Mallorca to make some hard cash. Don’t be surprised if the prices go sky-high during those warm summer months. Many escorts on Mallorca, especially the good-looking ones will easily charge you around €200 per hour.

There is no real red lights district in Palma de Mallorca. There are groups of streetwalkers hanging here and there but nothing is centralized. There are also many illegal immigrants who work as street hookers. There are plenty of stories of drunken guys getting mugged by street prostitutes so you better skip this scene if you care about your goods and health.

Although brothels are illegal they are practically around every corner in Palma de Mallorca. They are immensely popular among tourists and even more among locals including surprisingly many youngsters. Spanish kids between 18 and 21 years old have made prostitutes a staple during their weekend nights out. They justify it for themselves because they’re paying those girls €50 and got a clear conscience. But then they tend to forget that most of those brothel workers can keep just a small part of the hard-earned money for themselves. Or even worse: the girls don’t even work on voluntary basis. Besides that: I don’t know about you but when I was 18 paying for sex would not even have come to my mind. The times they are changing, right? If you despite all downsides definitely want to try out a local whorehouse you’ll have to ask around since brothels operate in secret and are difficult to pin down.

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