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You can't legally live off prostitution here. Making some pocket money while working as an escort in Québec City, or Ville de Québec as the official name goes in French, is technically alright. Just make sure you don’t get caught paying for sex, because that is super illegal. The escort scene in Québec City is noticeably smaller than in Montréal. But don’t get me wrong, it’s far from being desolate. You’ll find escort services in Québec City; you’ll just have to look harder. Steer clear away from streetwalkers. They’re not many, but some come out at night. The problem is they’re usually monitored by the police looking to ticket unsuspecting buyers. Prostitution in Québec City is all over the place in general. Also, being in Northern America, you won’t be seeing many Eastern European escorts in Québec City.

Québec City escorts use different media to advertise. Analog newspaper ads are still a thing here. Directories and classifieds are the main sources of company here. Browse escorts in Québec City on Humpchies ( and LeoList ( directories. Quebec Escorts ( and Oh My ( are good options as well. Check Adventuress, or Aventurière in French, ( and Room Service ( if you’d rather book via an escort agency (in French: agence d’escorte). Prices rarely get lower than $150 for an hour.

Girl in sexy red lingerie posing on bed on incall location of Quebec escort agency

In Quebec City, escort agencies often have an incall location, which means that they operate de facto as a brothel

Sorry to say but there are no red light districts in Québec City. Streetwalkers are few, far in between, and risky to interact with. The legalities are no joke here and you will get fined if caught red-handed. Brothels are technically not available. Technically, because you book an incall in one of the escort agencies in Québec City. This goes in particular for Adventuress/Aventurière ( You might want to drive to Montréal for more bordello opportunities. They also charge a lot more for an incall. Expect around $150 for half an hour. There is a chance of bumping upon a freelancer or two in downtown Québec City too. It’s not something I’d look forward to going out, but it happens.

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