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When you start searching for escorts in Nice you should realize that paying for sex in any shape or form is illegal in France and you will have to pay a significant fine if caught red-handed. That doesn’t stop all the horny tourists from looking for some action around the French Riviera, especially when all those lovely cities like Monte Carlo, Cannes and Nice are next to each other. Studies from the US have found out that the richer the people visiting a town are the higher the quality of escorts working there. It’s science. Nice is frequented by a fair number of VIP escorts who hop around the Cote d’Azur and fill their days with shopping, sun-bathing, yacht parties and escorting rich tourists and business travellers,

Blonde escort bathing at the sea in Nice

Nice is a popular destination for touring and high class escorts who like to enjoy the good life of the Cote d'Azur

When you will look online for escort in Nice you will often end up at nation-wide escort directories and agencies as there aren’t many that have their headquarters in Nice. Escort Zone ( is one of such national sites, girls are looking great and there are reviews and short introductions and verified profiles. There are also smaller sites of some call girl services serving the Cote d’Azur region if you would like to support agencies. If not, just go for the tried and trusted mammoths of escort industry such as the well-established French escort directory site 6annonce (

There are no official brothels available in Nice either. You could find something if you asked around, but I would personally rather avoid paying almost €2000 worth of fines if I got caught. If there are no bordellos, and escorts are not your cup of tea then streetwalking is the obvious way to go. The weather is awesome, nights are warm and you can always deny your source of income when held down by the cops. Most streetwalkers roam around Promenade des Anglais (with a huge concentration around the airport) and Rue de France. Also around the Negresco hotel you can find some more pricy species.

Sexy street hooker in Nice waiting for her next client

Street prostitutes in Nice come from all over the globe

As you can imagine in a multi-cultural country like France they come from a variety of countries, There are some native working girls, a couple hookers from African, Latin and Asian countries but the vast majority has its roots in Eastern Europe. Language barriers can be a pain in the ass when negotiating with local girls or ladies from French speaking countries, so knowing a few swords in French will never hurt. La pipe (blowjob), l’amour (full service) and combien (how much); should cover most of your needs. And since 69 is a French invention rest assured that will be understood as well. The pipe will cost you between €30 and €50, while amour usually between €50 and €100, but this depends of course also very much on the age and appearance of the lady.

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