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Bangkok is one of the few cities where people travel to party around with escorts and other sex workers of questionable gender. Actually, sex is so present in Bangkok that you would start to think that it’s that where the word “banging” comes from. Thailand has been known as sex tourism destination since the Vietnam War and that’s fine, nothing wrong with sex tourism. Thing is, there is a darker side to it and it’s still very apparent in Bangkok. It’s child prostitution and it’s enormous. About 800 000 children ( are forced to prostitute themselves in Thailand, that’s close to a million kids. I believe that is the main reason why prostitution in Bangkok is illegal, they need the means to cut down on that sinister trade. We can all agree that child abuse needs to end, but adult prostitutes are tolerated and add a hefty sum to the country’s GDP.

Escort at rooftop swimming pool to backdrop of Bangkok's skyline

Bangkok is swarmed with local working girls but you can also book an encounter with European touring escorts

Online escorts in Bangkok offer not only the largest variety, but also the highest quality of sex services. Absolute Angels Bangkok ( is a great escorts agency with an impressive array of girls and ladyboys to choose from. Bangkok Busty Escorts ( is another example of an agency heavily stocked on Asian beauties. In case you’d rather book an evening with a less exotic, European companion then Khun Rose Escort ( is the way to go.

Escort directories aren’t very popular in Bangkok. I assume it’s because of the legalities but Perslu ( is a safe choice, packed with gorgeous working girls. Smooci ( is also a rising star in the region, it’s an application similar to Uber but you can catch more than a ride. An hour with escorts in Bangkok can cost you anything from $100 to $200. There’s also this weird Asian thing, where they limit your available “shots” and additional ones cost extra. What if you don’t shoot? I’ve read about tantric techniques, people are able to enjoy sex for days without “shooting”. Anyway, make sure you check your escorts’ ID. Thai girls generally look very young and no Lolita is worth doing time in one of the local prisons. There’s also some kind of an urban myth that you can have sex with virgins in Bangkok. Yeah, good luck finding virgins anywhere in the 21st century.

Thai prostitute in red light district of Bangkok getting cash

Bangkok boasts several red light districts that are very popular with foreigners

Bangkok has something between three and six red light districts, depends on whom you’re asking. Let’s focus on the big four of Bangkok’s adult business: Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Soi Twilight. They’re all standing at the core of Bangkok, where the Thai sex business reached new highs during the Vietnam War. Patpong is the centre of it all with bars, go-go clubs, and general nightlife goodies. Nana Plaza is nearby, it’s a three-stories-tall shopping mall that converted Into the “World’s Largest Adult Playground” over the years. It’s known as a quite large ladyboy community hangout. Soi Cowboy and Soi Twilight are two streets branching out from Patpong, Cowboy is a westernized district, while Twilight is home to the LGBT crowd.

Thai girls in Bangkok brothel

In Bangkok there is a very thin line between bars, night clubs and straight up brothels

Brothels in Bangkok have adapted the well known “we’re not running a brothel, we’re just renting rooms to these half-naked hot babes” business model. So, technically the line between bars, night clubs, massage parlours and brothels is often blurred, to say the least. A 30-minute-long session costs around $50 and includes the infamous 1 shot.

As for streetwalkers, also known as freelancers, they’re probably the most common branches of this business in Bangkok. The bulk of the Thai sex workforce comes from the Isaan region, mostly small, rural villages. So don’t count on them having university degrees or fluent English proficiency. Parking lots around the Sukhumvit road are crowded with hookers, those can cost between $20 and $50 per “encounter”.

Bangkok street prostitute in the light of car

Many ladyboys (Kathoey) are working on the streets of Bangkok

Watch out for the ladyboys (Kathoey). It can be hard to tell if a girl is actually a girl and the transsexuals can be literal dicks. You take one to your hotel room, realize it’s a dude and he throws a tantrum, won’t leave without getting paid. Make a habit of checking people’s IDs in Bangkok. First make sure they’re not minor. Then make sure they’re not male, unless you’re into ladyboys, which is completely fine with me of course.

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