Erotic masseuses & salons from Sochi

Sochi erotic massage

The erotic massage scene in Sochi is actually pretty great. There is a decent selection of studios with a solid choice of services. Erotic massage salons such as Velvet Relax ( at Voykova 27 are very progressive. They openly advertise happy endings and exciting lesbian performances. Amore ( at Moskovskaya 3/4 is a beautiful high-end salon. Fox ( at Ordzhonikidze 24 went for that neon striptease clubs interior.

Russian masseuse covered with foam in sauna of Sochi massage studio

Sochi boasts many luxurious massage salons, often with sauna and spa facilities on the side

All those sensual massage salons in Sochi are wonderful and often topped up with spa facilities. Picking just one is not an easy task. Weird how they all have these huge massage beds: almost as if they weren’t made just for erotic massage.

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