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Escort services in Phuket are possibly the wildest you’ll experience in your life. This country somehow lives and breathes prostitution despite it being illegal. Escorts in Phuket are a piece of daily (or nightly) life here. It’s more like a part of the show business than the hush-hush mongering we’re used to. If I were a tour guide, I’d take my group to a go-go bar as an exercise in cultural integration. Pattaya and Bangkok might be the symbols of sex tourism, but don’t underestimate Phuket. The best part is that it feels a little less shady around here. Human traffic is not that big of a deal: most girls seem to be enjoying their profession. Under-aged girls are the only ones you should watch out for and keep on a long distance. The age of consent for prostitutes in Phuket is 18: keep that in mind. Police here don’t screw around when it comes to that sort of stuff. I trust no one reading this wants to end up in a Thai jail.

Thai escort girl in Phuket in teasing pose

The Phuket escorts scene is simply overwhelming

Browsing online escorts in Phuket isn’t the most popular way of hooking up here. There are, however, quite a few websites tailored towards niche clientele. Ladyboy escort services in Phuket are particularly popular. If that’s your thing then Top Phuket Escorts ( should be right up your alley. They have both regular and transgender girls on “display”. Top VIP Escorts ( is an upper market option. There are even escort agencies in Phuket that will create a fully customized sex holiday package for you like Thailand Sex Vacations ( Escorts shouldn’t cost you more than $150 for an hour and that’s a stretch.

Patang is the core of the Phuket experience. It’s built around Bangla street, which practically is a red-light district. Wide, with beer gardens, bars, and clubs filled with locals and tourists. Not all of them are obvious brothels, but you can get a girl in most of them. Then there are tiny alleys branching out from Bangla. That’s where all naughty stuff happens, like the famous Ping-Pong shows. There are even beer bars where the girls will drag you in and play Jenga with you. I’m not even making a sexual innuendo. Hookers will try to win you over by playing board games. No joke.

Back room of go-go bar in Phuket's red light district

The go-go bars of Phuket's red light area around Bangla street have usually rooms in the back where you can spend intimate moments with a girl of your choice

Ask anyone about Suzy Wongs (, a chain of legendary go-go bars in Phuket, which offers by far the best opportunities when it comes to buying extra services. They’re all great, only their monopoly on the island is a little suspicious. So, how does the actual “deed” in these go-go bars work? Sex workers usually have numbers attached, you pick one and negotiate with the usual female pimp, called mama-san. Some bars have rooms in the back where you can take the girl for a “short time” for around $30. “Long time” means overnight in your hotel room and costs $100 at the most.

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