Yerevan city guide

Travel guides will tell you that Yerevan is a city of contradictions. Old meets new…yada-yada-yada. The truth is that Yerevan is your grandfather's Lada. It’s old, it’s rusty and it refuses to break down. Slap a little resin on it and YOUR great-grandchildren will happily inherit it. You think Rome deserves the title of the Eternal City? Think again. Yerevan is ancient. In fact, it’s the oldest continuously inhabited area in the world. Like that grandpa's Lada. Mount Ararat, which you can see from the city, is symbolic to Armenians. They believe that Noah’s Ark rests somewhere on that peak. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone eventually found it, resting inside some obscure cave. People have been living in this area since the 4th millennium BC! That’s a long time. Sadly, the w...
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