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Escort business and prostitution in general in Zürich is fully legalized. Many might be surprised to find out about liberal approach regarding commercial sex because the Swiss people are also famous for being strict and precise. But also when came to drugs policies Zürich was even more pragmatic and liberal than Amsterdam. Experts praised the Swiss approach of providing hard drug and especially heroin addicts with free methadone and clean needles as an international role model and it has demonstrated to be successful. We almost have forgotten that in back in the 90s, Zürich was notorious for having Europe’s biggest open hard drugs scene. The liberal approach when it comes to prostitution does not harm the Swiss economy either. It adds about 3 billion euro to the country’s income every year. As goes for many other goods and services in Switzerland sex services come with an impressive price tag. The Freemasons established that the minimum charge for sexual services is usually never lower than €85, which also resulted in a high presence of illegal/underground prostitution.

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Zurich's high class escorts come at an impressive price tag

Also in Zürich escort agencies are a good place to start, even with prices often starting at €250 per hour. Diamond Escorts ( is one of the many escort agencies in Zürich that has also girls serving other Swiss cities. They claim to offer the best of the best and that fact is reflected in their pricing. The agency’s call girls don’t do bookings for less than 2 hours, which will cost you €700 at a minimum. Imperium Escorts ( has very attractive call girls as well and the minimum duration for bookings here is 1.5 hour for around €500. Jessica’s Escort ( has been on the market since 2001 and has also a good reputation. It seems they are not just bragging when they claim on their site they have “the hottest girls in Zürich” or “Switzerland’s Sexiest” at their disposal.

The local escort directory Zürich Escorts (https://www.Zü can be an alternative source if you would prefer an independent companion instead of an escort agency. Many erotic advertising portals such as Kauf6 ( and ( target the German speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland all at once. On sites like these where many independent escorts and agencies publish their ads you can notice how rich and diverse the population of sex workers in Zürich is. As usual there is a significant proportion of girls from Central and Eastern Europe so you will certainly come across some Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Hungarian and Romanian babes when browsing the profiles of the ladies on the escort directory and agency sites. But in addition there are also many Latin and Asian girls active in Zürich’s escorts and erotic club scene.

Zurich street prostitute talking to client in car

In some areas of Zurich street prostitution is officially tolerated

The famous Langstrasse and many other streets in Kreis 4 area are packed with bars and clubs. It is Zürich’s party and red light district in one and it will surely entertain most of the wilder crowd. Even street prostitution is legal in Switzerland. But is only allowed in a few areas at certain times. In addition street walkers will need an authorisation of the city which will is only be granted if the lady has a resident/work permit and valid health insurance. In Zürich usually streetwalkers can work uninterrupted around Sihlquai, Zahringerstrasse, and Haringstrasse (Niederdorf). In the district of Altstetten street hookers work from the so-called Sex Boxes on the Depotweg, which can be accessed by car only. A sex box is an official, wooden box built by the city to bang hookers in. Picking one of those up, driving her to a sex box plus full service will cost you around €180. You can expect to pay much less if your prostitute of choice is not exactly legal and picked up discretely around the Langstrasse.

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